Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cool, Cool Water

Do you remember this feeling? The delight of laying in a cool pool on a very hot day for the very first time that summer?

What about this? The thrill of hurling yourself down the slip 'n slide?

How awesome it was to have both at your house and the day your mom finally gave in and you got your own?
How much fun it was to play and watch your siblings?

When you were first brave enough to throw your self down the slide? Just like big brother?

Ah memories, all brought to you by June 7, 2011 -- when I finally bought my kids a kiddie pool.  Brent has not been hugely in favor of kiddie pool complications, but with him away at IRSP, it was time.  I am so glad I did and we've been having so much fun ever since.  What about you? What are your summer memories?

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Audra said...

Making whirl pools in a cattle tank, tearing up our knees and feet in the process. I didn't realize that a cattle tank wasn't an actual swimming pool for a very long time.

Rebekah said...

The wonderfully fun moments of summer! Looks like a fun day was had and awesome memories made!


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