Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Ah summer, so much to say, such an urge to step away from the computer:

1)  Today I "may" have kept my kids too busy - We had some cleaning/crafting time before camp/work/time with Ms. Kim, then after all that, straight to the Science Museum, dinner at Sonic (which they didn't actually eat until hours later for some reason??) Then an hour and a half outside playing with our various water fun things (guns, pool, bubbles, hose, sprinkler, etc...) Brent walked in to them finally eating their and both were very very tired.

2) M got her very first Wacky Pack today.  Yes, she is almost certainly too young to need a Wacky Pack, but she asked so sweetly and it was the first time she'd said it. I caved.  For some reason her bag had all the condiments in it and she had to systematically unpack everything first.  She decided everything was too hot so just had her slush which she spilled all over in little bits for the next couple hours.  She was completely adorable about it though and pretty excited so probably worth it. (But not getting her own again for awhile).

3)  The anniversary party was awesome.  So much like I'd envisioned. Definitely the 'feel' I was looking for and wonderful friends celebrating with us.  Hopefully it will get its own post soon, complete with pictures, but as we are leaving for STL on Thursday morning we shall see...

4) Brent got me a very happy, sparkly diamond pendant necklace for our anniversary. I cannot deny that I do enjoy bling and this is just right. (Which you would get to see just as soon as our pics are properly uploaded...sigh).

5)  In not so great news I got almost no sleep the night before the party as I could not stop coughing (consequently Brent didn't get that much sleep either).  In good news, since then I've been taking benadryl at night and using the humidifier.  I am amazed how much better sleep I am getting. I don't; think I really realized how poorly I was sleeping until I got some decent rest.  Also, my coughing is generally improving overall so I think maybe the end is in sight?  (Not to worry, I will keep up my allergy treatment regime so we don't go backwards).

6) Brent is nearly half way through IRSP now and having all sorts of interesting problems with the strange creature that is teenage girls.  He can't seem to grasp why they have so much trouble rooming with each other "Why can't they just not talk to each other?"  I had to explain that this was not possible and might have laughed just a bit at how mystified he is at their random problems.  I'm sure we are in for a good dose of this when M gets earlier so probably good training.

7) We went to the farm for awhile on Sunday.  It was really lovely to get to spend time with my cousin Kristen and Aunt Laurie who flew in from Colorado for the party.  We had a pretty chill day sitting around chatting and eating all sorts of treats.  No mosquitoes this time so much better all around.

8)  Did I mention we're leaving for STL on Thursday? Yes? Oh, well, I am a tiny bit nervous about the driving with M for 8 hours.  So far, I have been pondering timing options, buying tons of snacks and retrieving our car activity tray from the Hoppers. Anyone have suggestions for activities, etc? We shall see......  I will, of course, keep you advised.  This might be a fun time to follow me on twitter.  (@abbeyviolet)

9.  This week I read the The Girl Who Played with Fire.  It was quite a bit different from the The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (The first book - which we read for book club last year).  I wonder if the author was as involved in the editing or if he died before that?  It still reeks of being written in a lawyerly style and obsessively tells you what time things are taking place.  I did like it though and am sure I'll read the third one one of these days, but I will probably wait a bit and read some less tense fare in the interim.

10.  Several birthdays this week so I think it is time for some birthday wishes here.  Happy Birthday to Mary, Jamie and Sarah-- amazingly yes, three of my bridesmaids had birthdays within six days of each other and within ten days of our wedding!  Happy first birthday on Sunday to our nephew Baby Zane - we are so looking forward to celebrating with you soon!  Also, belated birthday wishes to Erica and Kiley who celebrate their birthdays on our anniversary.  I hope you all have very merry birthdays or unbirthdays as the case maybe:)

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Audra said...

My advice for the car is a DVD player. Or maybe the IPAD does that, but a movie is in order for sure. Can't wait to see you guys!


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