Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Memory Gifts (Part V)

Just a few more and thanks again to everyone for the memories and to Brent for making me happy and helping make my dreams come true!

I loved all my visits to D.C. and touring the Nation’s Capital with you both. I loved watching Brent lose his mind in D.C. traffic, good to know he does lose his cool sometimes. It was great to be able to really get to experience D.C. and have my own personal tour guides. The lunches at Foggy Bottom were always great amidst my busy touring schedule while you were working. My favorite trips were the fantastic voyage, when we all drove up for Thanksgiving, the big family trip for your graduation, and one of my last trips when Zach and I came up together. There were great family memories of us all seeing D.C. together, complete with Dad initially thinking he needed to stay at your apartment because there was no way he could handle the metro system, to Dad loving the metro. As your family grew I flew out to do Aunt duty, which was just as fun. Being able to stay with you for so long after Brendan was born was just a blessing. It was just what I needed at that point in my life. Getting up with my new nephew and getting to feed him in the middle of the night really bonded me to my little man. You both are wonderful parents and it has been an absolute pleasure to be and Aunt to your beautiful babies! 
~Audra Korenak

I remember at your wedding - getting ready, you sitting on the stool, it being sooo hot (imagine that!) and dragging you out to Chili's the night before.  I'm so glad you found your other half, and I can't believe it's already been 10 years.  
~Sarah Fiala

The Bridge  
      Two days before Abbey and Brent’s wedding day we received a letter in the mail from the Priest who was supposed to say their Wedding Mass. In it he stated that his father was very ill and he would not be able to perform the ceremony for Abbey and Brent and he included the name of the Deacon (not a priest) who would be taking his place. We happened to know this deacon personally and were not at all happy about having him saying the Mass. I guess ‘not happy’ was an understatement; Abbey burst into tears and would not be consoled by either Danny or myself so we turned her toward Brent and left them to it.  He managed to get her calmed down, we contacted another priest, who was a dear family friend, and he agreed to perform the ceremony on Saturday, a happy ending.
       That moment, when we were powerless to comfort Abbey but Brent could, was the bridge moment when we realized that she was gone from us and belonged with him, which is the way it is supposed to be in a marriage. That hurts a little if you are the parent having to let go, but we were happy she had him to hold her.

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