Wednesday, July 13, 2011

THE Baby Blanket

Come on, you know the one, with blue and pink stripes? The one that is in nearly every new baby picture I've seen taken in hospitals around the country?
I kinda like that blanket.  It is nothing special on its own.  In fact, it is usually worn  and faded from many washings after welcoming many new babies. It is not nearly so soft as the huge stash of crocheted blankets we have for our precious littles.  That said, I kind of like that wherever the pictures are coming from there are usually one or two of the baby with this blanket snuggling its way into their very first day of life.

 Brent and I have mused about this blanket for some time.  Consequently, I was delighted to discover that NPR is doing a story about "the blanket" as part of its Beginnings series.  Everyone is invited to upload their blanket pictures, and of course we did.  If you are interested in adding yours you can read more here.  Meanwhile, what are your thoughts on the blanket or memories of your own with this strangely consistent phenomenon.


Audra said...

I couldn't figure out how to upload an image to a comment so I just did a little post of my own complete with my blanket pictures.
Here it is

Audra said...

I just remembered Zane had the blanket after surgery as well, so I changed my post a little bit to include those photos too.


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