Friday, July 15, 2011

Five on Friday

1.  For those of you Potter people out there - I found this recipe for Butterbeer that might be just right or maybe this more kid-friendly float version.  Sound good?   (Oh dear, I just noticed she's doing a whole meal.  This looks delicious).

2.  It is the season for lots of peeks at the new scrapbooking lines for fall/winter.  I have some favorites to share later, but thought you might enjoy this tutorial for fabric cupcakes via Cosmo Cricket just a bit more today.

3.  As I've mentioned, Brent participates annually in Child's Play - a charity through which gamers  and really anyone donates toys and other games to children's hospitals around the country via wishlists that the hospitals set up. I saw this week that  the Children's Hospital at OU's Medical Center has a current need for toys for kids and books and other things for parents of long term patients.  If you are in OKC, you can donate at the Science Museum (and get a buy one get one free pass) or drop off donates at Brewer's carpet. (More on the OKC drive here).

If not, think about donating through Child's Play sometime to help a Children's Hospital near you.  Having been through the experience of Zane's surgery I can attest to how great it was for the family members to have the support items like books and other things come through the waiting room on that long day.

4.  This inflatable Booster Seat seems perfect both for travel and for people like grandparents, aunts, friends, etc who might need to pick up you kid every now and then.  Nice to have a very compact spare seat for those of booster age!

5. As part of July's One Little Word, we are thinking about songs in our lives, sort of a personal soundtrack.  Better still if the songs relate to our word.  In my search, I found this which I kinda liked and thought I'd share.

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