Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. It Rained!
2.  Yes, of course, we played in it.  See for yourself:

3.  In case you're wondering about how I'm shooting video and taking pictures in the rain, I got my new LifeProof case!  So excited as I've been expecting one of my kids to drop my phone on the concrete or dip it in water at any minute and now that's not a worry any longer.  This case case is designed to be safe for underwater use (let alone dipping) as well as drops of 6ft onto concrete and much more.  Perfect for my accident prone kid world.  So far, loving it.

4.  We finally broke down and bought the kids new PJs today as most of theirs were getting embarrassingly small.  I think it is fair to say that M is loving her new Tinkerbell nightgown.  (Note - she has a nightgown as while she may be the size of 3T or even 4T in some places her legs are very much not that long so shorts or nightgowns bridge the gap)

5.  This weekend we took B to his first minor league baseball game -OKC  Redhawks v. Omaha.  Despite the 110 degree heat he loved it.  We had access to a box, but he preferred to sit outside so he could "see the guys."  The home team didn't even get a base hit for the first 8 innings, but lil'guy loved it and is now happily sporting his Redhawks hat.  As an interesting side note, he thinks the rehawks are angry birds so he was all for it.

6.  I rarely, and I mean oh so rarely, get pedicures.  My sister, however, is quite persuasive so just before the baseball game Audra, Anna and I wandered off in search of a pedicure.  We happened on to Studio Nails on 23rd just West of Penn in OKC.  It was phenomenal! We got the "Deluxe" which was $35 and just incredible.  If my other pedicures had been like this I might understand why people do this.  I highly recommend this location for anyone interested. (and might even go with you!)

7.  My heel got much worse, but is improving.  First, it was off to Elite Feet for proper shoes.  Then, massage and stretches from our families' favorite PT friend.  I am keeping up the regime and keeping my shoes on (sad face) but feeling somewhat improved.  

8. Believe it or not, I finally bound my December Daily last week.  Astonishing, I know.  Technically, I am missing one picture, but let's call it done.  Just in time for the upcoming "Week In The Life."   The dates are in that post, I think for anyone interested in joining in.  I will likely do some sort of a planning email just before it starts.  Unlike prior years, we won't have any visitors or big plans so maybe it will be unusual in that way instead. (You can see Ali's pre-planning here.  I think mine will be a little different and use these new Elle's Studio tags)

9.  This is my first full five day work week since sometime in mid-May.  Shocking, yes? Here's hoping I make it out in one piece.  Summer is a weird time working at a University as technically everything is still going on in the business side, but with so much vacation everything slows anyway of its own accord.  Not that things seem slow, just that everything is taking a little longer. 

10.  We are looking for summer fun ideas.  What do you love to do in the summer? Some of them, preferably will be inside as it will be over 100 pretty much every day here for the foreseeable future. I have some ideas, but am always looking for new ones. Thanks!

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