Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Moment

I am going through my June pictures this weekend -remembering, deleting, tagging, uploading.  It isn't my favorite part of the memory keeping process. June was a huge month for photos - nearly three times as many as usual.  Every now and then I stumble on to moments, surprises like this.  I hadn't seen the above before and have no clue who took it.  What is going on is Tracie setting up our family shot at our anniversary party probably just after the pictures of Brent and I alone.  I love the light, the moment and Brent and I just chatting together.  Thanks to the unknown photographer.  Random little moment and images like this make the chore of processing and organizing worthwhile.

- In short, if you find my camera sitting around, feel free to take pictures as we love it!
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