Monday, July 4, 2011

Scrapbooking Inspiration: Shimelle Laine

As soon as I returned from my whirlwind trip it was right back to scrapbooking.  Well, sort of, you see of late I seem to have a hard time moving myself from reading in my comfy chair the three steps to my scrapdesk even though once I'm there, I love it.  Usually, to get myself started in these situations I flip through my blog list and find a project I really like to jump start my ideas.  

Earlier this year, Ali Edwards wrote a posting about how her creative influences have evolved over time and I am finding that is very true for me as of late more and more of my inspiration is coming from new sources. I am going to include periodic posts as my influences evolve in hopes of helping you find some beauty and inspiration too. 

My current favorite source of inspiration is  Shimelle Laine. 
Aunt Jamie & Maggie page for Maggie's baby book

I find her pages match my style well, but they are different enough to push me to think in new directions. (We do both love flowers, butterflies, and travel so that might help too!) Her blog has a lot of variety each week, but typically includes a sketch of the week (this week's is sampled above), a give away, some thoughts about process or design, maybe a non-scrapbooking craft, thoughts about travel and creativity.  It varies a lot, and I like that.  
Play Your Way 

She is also teaching a free 12-month class at Two Peas In a Bucket called 4x6 Photo Love that focuses on using 4x6 pictures.  Each month we add one more photo to the mix (so January was one, June was 6, etc....) The layout above is a spin on June's sketch (cut in half and rotated).  I did the full 6 photo spread in a more typical way below.

Richards 4th of July Fun - pictures are from 2010, but just finished this week as I often scrap last year's events while preparing for this year's!

I have also taken one class from her on using your stash and signed up for her Journal Your Christmas class during her support drive for the Because I am a Girl Campaign.  Shimelle consistently shares great ideas and beautiful images that are supported by strong written materials that make you want to join in.  I am glad I found her via Ali Edwards a couple years ago and look forward to much more inspiration.

So, who is inspiring you these days whether it is in scrapbooks, writing or elsewhere in life? I am always in search of those that push us to create, dream and live better lives and welcome your suggestions!
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Chipper said...

I too am inspired by Shimelle. I love your take on this weeks sketch. You really made it work with the photos you used. Thanks for sharing.

♥♥ Liz ♥♥ said...

Lovely LO. Shimelle's sketches are great if you're having a "blank" day!! Your choice of red papers goes really well with your photos.


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