Saturday, July 30, 2011

Scrapbook Outakes

As mentioned in some in some earlier posts, I'm scrapbooking almost every evening of late.  A Week In The Life is somewhat taking away from that time, but I'm still sneaking it in as I'm just SO much calmer and happier if I do even just a quick page like the above.  As you can see, I finally placed my huge quarterly photo order and am getting to scrapbook more recent events.  The above is just a random may evening playing in the yard, but I love having it captured.  The layout was inspired by Elle's Studio's Take Tuesday.

I think my favorite bits, aside from the photos, are the pieces of the journaling collage and the fun Collage Press banner.  I like making space for a fair bit of journaling like you see here, as I am, after all, a big fan of words and telling our story.

You may recall my earlier post raving about October Afternoon's Rocket Age collection. I have finally started using it myself as B has been distracted by other subjects and wow do I love it.  The layout is inspired a bit by Piradee's recent page and one very cute small boy.

If you're wondering how I keep up with all the various sources of inspiration, I have good news! I have been putting my pinterest boards to work so now, whenever see something that I like I just pin it to my Scrapbook inspirations board and then I have a whole pile of inspiration whenever I sit down to create.  Very handy indeed.

Seeing the beauty created as my stress relief makes me so happy.  What's your stress relief these days and why do you think it works?
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Erin said...

I like that you are making the time to relieve stress by crafting. I've been doing a bit of quilting--when I'm not watching Pride and Prejudice (Patrick just surprised me with the Bluray of the A&E version). I think that doing something when I know there will be a finished product at the end gives me a sense of accomplishment, which erases some of the stress from mothering, homemaking, and bookkeeping.


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