Friday, July 29, 2011

A Week In The Life: Friday

Today We:

Colored with sidewalk chalk

Played Dress-up

Played Cooties

Ate lunch with Daddy at Kaisers (while we tried to figure out where Mom lost her wallet!)


Laughed at Daddy

Worked (OSSM)

Laughed at the feeling of air blown on our bare legs while rocking an awesome "do"

Took self-timer shots while Mom took a break from work.

Buried Daddy in blankets (Can you find him? Look for Green...)

Scrapbooked snow days and dinosaur suckers.

Listened to stories

Put on PJs

Went on adventures with the Toy Story crew.

Snuggled under sheets sprinkled with stars with our favorite trusty blue blanket.

Love life together even with all the many challenges today brought.

Ps. - We also priced a sprinkler system, ran at the gym, found Mama's wallet, got into crazy discussions with my colleagues, worked on a dozen issues from speaker agreements to press releases and COI, worked late (me), finished early (Brent), made dinner together and pondered our choices for the weekend, were hot, edited and uploaded photos, blogged, played games online with friend,s and suddenly realized that M turns two one week from today!
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