Saturday, July 30, 2011

Week In The Life: Saturday

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We woke up to M crying softly in the background.  Apparently she thinks that without her paci sleeping past 8 is just silly.  Lucky for her, the Paci Fairy had visited overnight and left her with a new little doll in congratulations for being such a big girl and giving up her pacis this week!  (Her mother meanwhile remains in shock that it has gone so incredibly well!)

This was the first Saturday in MONTHS where we had absolutely no plans at all.  So, of course we came up with one!  We met Granddaddy and went swimming at Great-Granddaddy and Ellen's pool for a few hours followed by pizza lunch.  Brent and I were pondering later how lucky our kids are to get to spend time with their Great-Grandfathers as neither of us even ever met our Great-Grandfathers.  We had a great time splashing about, enjoying goldfish cracker snacks and playing with the fun pool toys Granddaddy brought along.  The pizza was strangely delicious after hours in the sun and we all left tired, but happy.

M slept a bit in the car and cried when she awoke so we did a little snuggling and watching Sesame Street before every one of us settled down for a nap.  Two hours later, Brent and I awoke with that shocked worry of what are our kids doing and the fear that they might have been crying awake without us hearing them.  Not to worry though, they were both still sleeping!  I headed off to the gym for my run before it closed and returned to make dinner: Chicken Tikka Masala with Roasted Cauliflower and jasmine rice.

After dinner, we fell into a bit of a cleaning cycle - I even vacuumed our closet!  Brent, meanwhile, vacuumed M, which she thought was hysterical.  Then we were back into the normal bedtime cycle of baths, books (Yummy YuckyLet's Go to the Zoo: Fisher-Price Little PeoplePat the BunnyCurious George and the Puppies) teeth brushing, medicine, kisses and snuggles.

You might have noticed there wasn't much about B today.  As the day wore on, he started to feel sick so he's been getting some motrin and a break from chores and such while he rests up.  He says his head and/or stomach hurts.  Here's hoping he is back in the thick of our adventures tomorrow!

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