Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ten on Tuessday

1. Requisite 4th of July family picture in which, um, maybe half of us are looking at the camera? I like it anyway and it may have captured the five minutes during the party in which we all had on our regular clothes. Litterally minutes later it was into swim suits for nearly the duration.

2.  Lady M insisted on having both her toes and fingers painted to match her outfit.  Sadly, most of the polish was gone after her extended pool adventures.  Very cute, though, particularly that it was her idea.

3.  We went to another 4th party yesterday and randomly M came home saying "shake your booty" -- I have no idea who taught her this.  It is somehow both completely hysterical and terrifying.

4.  We have resumed family gym days as Brent has decided it is time for him to do some exercise too.  This evening it was Zumba for me, weights and cardio for him and fun with kids for the littles.  I think it went well? We are doing it again on Thurdsay.  (Oddly, my heal is hurting more all the time so off to the shoe guy tomorrow in an attempt to not end up with my Mom's feet woes).

5.  B is going to Lion Zoo Camp this week.  From the first day report I am not at all sure they actually saw any live animals.  He did, however, love it and ask piteously if he could go home with Nate for the afternoon.  Being the obliging parents that we are they are going to have an afternoon play date tomorrow so everyone is happy.

6.  M is speaking much more in full sentences and it is often hysterical.  B, as you may recall, tends to tell us the very minimum about his day after much prying for information (see 5).  M, however, tells Brent tons of random things in the evenings including things like "closed the front door."  She also told him, while he was driving to the gym, that he needed to go night,night and needed to lay down.  He had to demure, but we were all smiles.

7.  Interesting discovery today that yesterday's caprese salad rather easily converts into today's pizza.  Think about it -- fresh mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, olive oil and balsamic vinegar - great pizza yes? We added left over steak and it was perfect.  (B, of course, did not have steak on his piece, but you knew that, right?)

8. You should really check out my Mom's series of posts about Farm Camp.  It sounds like a fabulous adventure and you can find Day 1 here.

9.  Soap Box Briefly: Lots of people have been asking me about baby eye exams lately so I want to toss up a link to my prior post  on this complete with my thoughts on how important they are and how free they can be. (scroll down past the cute sayings)  Check it out if you or a friend has a little one, particularly if you have amblyopia in your family as we do.

10.  Congratulations to Sara and Sergei on the arrival of their son Dimitry Jung on the 4th of July!  We are so excited for you! Welcome to parenthood and we hope to meet the little guy soon!

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