Monday, March 23, 2009

Cute Sayings + Health update

My Mom is always encouraging me to write down the cute things B is saying now as they pass so quickly and we will almost certainly forget this phase as we pass to the next. The better thing, of course, would be to record them with our video camera, but we'll start with this for now.

"Oh My Gosh" - A new one today and so incredibly cute

"Tie on, Daddy" - This is a part of several little sayings that are part of Brent's getting ready for work in the morning. Almost like B has his own little checklist. Today, he noticed Brent had forgotten his watch so he got it for him.

"Carry you" - This actually means carry me as he continues to struggle with pronouns at times.

"No take a bath now"- This is more illustrative of his general tendency to put "now" at the end of many many phrases these days. Like his mother, I suppose, hedging his bets by limiting his answer appropriately.

"PBSkids broken" - new today - We were exploring the PBS kids website and the videos were broken. He occasionally told people this throughout the day

"Oh Wow" - Probably the oldest of his commentary dating back at least a year I think, but still so adorable.

"That's silly" - We say this to him a lot so it is fun to hear it back from him.

"Coffee, please" - No, we aren't giving our two-year old coffee. When Brent has his coffee B has his drinkable yogurt which he calls his coffee. It is cute, but very confusing if you don't know what is going on.

"Waka waka waka" - This is from Fozzie Bear on the Muppets. The inflection is perfect as are the giggles that follow.

"I did it!" - His victory cry after doing something by himself.

"Wake up Mama" - I sleep in while Brent gets ready in the morning. Sometimes B gets up before I do and Brent will go get him. Then B comes to my door and says this and how could I not rush out to play.

There are many more and probably the proper grammar ones are less cute so not getting their fair share here, but we love them all.

On the health front - the fever has broken and he seems to be getting better. The Doctor says to try this new cycle of antibiotics for 48 hours and come in if he isn't better.

We also had our eye doctor appointment today. I'm not sure I've mentioned this, but Brent has amblyopia which is a genetic eye condition. Brent didn't mention to anyone that one eye was different than the other until college as it had always been that way for him. He says it is sort of like life as an impressionist painting through that eye. In any case, if caught early it is correctable therefore, on the referral and advice of his pediatricians B had an eye appointment at nine months and again today. It went really well and the Doctor declared his eyes "perfect." We've been given a three year reprieve so we won't need to be checked again until age five which is great. I did really like the Children's Eye Center in OKC and am glad to have an eye doctor I'll feel comfortable taking the kids back to again. Both the office setup and the staff were great.

Eye appointments are recommended for all little kids as so many of these conditions are treatable if caught early. Former President Carter has partnered with the American Optometric Association and Johnson & Johnson to established a program of free eye exams at participating providers for infants between six and twelve months of age. You can read more at


Summer said...

I would love to know what the "oh my gosh" was in reference to. I think it's hilarious when they act like little adults. K just started the 'carry you' and I am loving it. I've heard other kids say it and always secretly hoped she would too b/c I think it is so cute, and she just transferred to that away from the simple "up." Good idea for a blog entry, and I'm glad to hear that B is feeling better.

abbeyviolet said...

"Oh my gosh" today was in response to pushing a button on a toy that causes something to pop out. After Brent and I laughed hysterically he repeated it several more times. Just so incredibly adorable. It really is, in part, the inflection that makes it.

Jamie said...

Your Mom was right - these are awesome to capture in the blog. Time flies so quickly!


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