Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week In The Life: Thursday

8am:  B playing in the kitchen - making us pizza for breakfast in his Buzz Lightyear PJs.
The first three days have been pretty heavy on stories and rather busy.  Today was much closer to a normal day.  A morning mostly spent playing at home with only one small trip to the store.  An afternoon of work, followed by gym time and a quick dinner at Braums.  So today, I thought I'd focus more on the images.  I've include a little caption for each, but mostly just "looking" at our nearly ordinary day today.

8:25 am  Kids playing in M's room

8:43am - moved on to playing in B's room - first up is the Toy Story 3 Landfill  (can you believe we have a landfill toy? In my defense, it was from Granddaddy and they do enjoy it!)

9:10 am - B looking through the Let's Go to the Zoo flap book in his bed.

9:29 am We went outside for awhile.  M stayed on the porch mostly sitting on the picnic table near the remains of our onion crop that is drying in the sun.

9:30 - I played football with B using his new Country Financial football from Uncle Able - I admittedly didn't quite understand the rules to B's version of football.  As I'm generally against throwing myself on the ground at top speed, I didn't "win" very much, but we had fun!

11:27- Between the prior picture and this one we made a stop at Cinnamon Bears to buy presents for a friend and a new night light for B (see Monday's nightlight issue).  Playing with Lego blocks is a MUCH cooler activity than football in the yard when it is around 107 degrees.

11:29 - Yes, we have three bins of Duplo Lego blocks.  Here you can see they include Thomas the Train Sets as well as farm pieces and, of course, Toy Story 3.

11:30 - This is the new "night light." Plugging things into the wall in an active boy's room (particularly one with a small sister about) seems to result in our night lights getting destroyed.  I splurged a bit more and went with the cool lava lamp type rocket set up-- with glitter!  B was a big fan and here's hoping it lasts a bit longer than its predecessors.

11:31 am - still playing peacefully! Hooray!  (Things fell apart a bit shortly after this when it was time to go to Ms. Kim's)

11:31am - Here's what happens when we stay home and play - B's closet explodes!  (No worries, we cleaned it up... at least almost).
5:31 pm - Edmond Y - Work day is over and we're all reunited for a family trip to the gym.  This marked four weeks of family gym evenings together.  I'm not sure how to take a picture of Zumba without it being creepy... maybe I'll try my iPhone covertly? In any case, had a good class and hoping the niggling knee pain today goes away quickly....

7:15pm - Clearly we don't quite get healthy living as this gym trip was followed by dinner at Braums.  I did dutifully log all my food as usual and stayed within my allowance.  I find that when I'm tracking what I eat and being careful hamburgers suddenly taste phenomenal to me, for some reason.  Such was the case today.  The red letter event of the meal was B actually eating his entire cheeseburger (he is not a big meat eater).
7:15pm - Just in case you needed a reminder this is "her" Daddy - a little bit possessive, but aren't they adorable.  After dinner, everyone shared some ice cream and headed home for baths.

8:14 pm - It was B's turn to have his bath time rituals documented.  The gap in time from dinner to his bath was filled with M's bath and B's two pages of scrapbooking for today-- he is quite insistent and I'm quite easily persuaded, it seems.  We also talked to Grammie and Granddaddy about weekend plans.  Note in the picture Daddy is back in charge of bath time and B has a cool Star Wars band aid on his arm from a rub/burn from Bouncin' Craze earlier in the week.

8:16 pm - I realize I haven't had my picture taken today and having a picture of myself each day is a key part of WITL, so hear you are: Abbey looking serious in her Zumba gear while playing photo journalist at bath time.

8:16 pm - Meanwhile, bath time continues in the back ground.

8:17 - then we have to dry off.
8:18pm - and be very cute.

8:37 pm - We had book time (Library books: Cars Galore and A Drive in the Country) and then began the last steps of winding down as we are now 37 minutes past bed time.... teeth brushing.

8:39 pm - Last step before tucking in - inhaler.  Kind of wish I'd taken picture of them in bed as we kissed them good night.  That might be a great idea for tomorrow....

Any suggestions for other things I can document int he remaining three days? What is part of the every day that I'll want to remember? Hmmmm.....
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