Sunday, August 28, 2011

Creative Outlet

As you know, scrapbooking is my creative outlet.  It helps me deal with stress, pain, or just whatever.  It makes me happy.  The layout above is about our visit to Audra's last summer for Zane's baptism.  There was a lot of emotional overlay on that trip for the adults as me tried to grapple with Zane's pending heart surgery.  The kids though are so full of joy and sunshine that I wanted to focus on that instead.  The design is inspired by Elle's Studio's Take out Tuesday and I think it worked well. I was introduced to the new Simple Stories products at CKC and used them all over this page.  I had heard of them before, but it took using them to realize how great they are.  Hooray for new cool options and focusing on the bright sunshine even when it is gloomy.

This next one was pretty much my alternative to therapy for the week.  The switch back to school has really not been that easy on any of us.  Part of it is that M's napping is messed up by the new times, but I'm sure there is just transition issues all around + being two. Oh, and my pain rebounded again this week which doesn't help my overall moxie.  The photos are from us playing in the yard earlier in the summer, but used them to focus on embracing my current situation and role, both the awesome laughs smiles playing and giggles and the really hard teaching, discipline, tears and trials.  Somehow just writing it out and putting it out there helped as did trying to see clearly both sides to my mothering struggles through the week.  Having Brent here this weekend was incredible.  I am a little nervous about the week ahead, but have some ideas to work on so here's hoping. (Because seriously, I have to succeed at this, my kids being able to grow into awesome people and me not going crazy depends on it.  I am unbelievably stubborn with those stakes in play....)

Meanwhile, there are quite a few less intense layouts getting completed this week.  Most of those in the slideshow came out of CKC or the ongoing calendar project.  I didn't find CKC quite so educational this time and found completing the pages we largely pre-made in class not so cathartic.  I'm glad the memories are in and pretty, but find I'd rather start from scratch. I did love getting to spend the time chatting, shopping and crafting with friends though so that will definitely continue.

As a first step,  Jessie and I have subscribed to Studio Calico's kit club and some awesome goodies are coming my way soon.  To make sure they all get used each month we're having Friday craft nights the night after the kits arrive.  They will be after kid bedtime, fairly random, and on short notice at one of our homes.  If you want to be invited drop me an email and we'll add you to the invite list.

Meanwhile, enjoy some sneaks of memory moments I've been recording in the last week or two. 

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