Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1.  With the completion of the above, my calendar pages project is up to date!  I think this one may even be my favorite yet.  (Don't check your calendars all at once, yes, I will have a new month to do, oh , say tomorrow?)  Audra, take note, many of your gifted garden chipboard pieces made it in here too!

2.  Saga with Dr. situation continues.  Ended up in tears and sans Dr. apt again today.  I've been told to call on Friday to possibly get an appointment in October.  Yes, I am sorely tempted to drive to Okeene and pay out of pocket, save that it is not a long term solution, but neither is getting a Dr. at St. Anthony's which I plan to flee precisely on Jan. 1 when whatever new insurance we pick kicks in.

3.  The whole WAHM thing is going better this week than last (or maybe it is just only Tuesday).  The time from 7:45 til 9:15 is becoming the best part of the day and I'm so glad we don't have to rush them out the door early.  Just playing and slowly getting ready together is awesome.

4.  Best M quote of the week, when asked what they do at recess she said. "Run, run run, then shake your booty, shake your booty, shake your booty"  I laughed hysterically.  She also somberly informed me in the car that we can't shake our booties when we're sitting down.  B begged to differ and shook his lil booty right in his car seat.

5.  B asked again today when he can go to kindergarten and when he can ride the school bus.  Patience my boy... That said, I also don't actually know when they start riding the school bus.  Kindergarten, right?  Ms. Kim's daughter is 7 though and still picked up and dropped off and I do see her point about that being a long time on a bus in the heat for a small person...hmmm...

6.  Meanwhile, he is frequently wandering around counting to 100 and tells me he can count to 1000,  lots of counting.  He and M even had a count off this evening (he won).  He can also count to ten in Spanish (sometimes).  There are now three boys in the T/R portion of pre-K so more fun counting there too.

7.  We visited Grammy and Granddaddy on Saturday -- sort of surprised them, but had a great time.  So love this about living here that we can just randomly pop over on a given day.

8.  My Mom randomly popped by on Sunday with her new awesome Buick Enclave.  Absolutely ideal kid hauling vehicle and so comfortable for her.  I really hope she enjoys it and think all the grandkids are going to go nuts for it.

9. Great tips for telecommuting, many of which I have adopted over time.  Believe it or not, despite the allure to all those on the outside, I almost never ever work in PJs anymore, do have very fixed hours, and an actual desk/office set-up.  My how things change, but I think for the better. 

10.  Because I know you'd be sad with no recipe for this week, we made these Triple Chip Cookies via Bakerella this week. Basically, we used a combination of all remaining chips in our cabinet plus some chunks of semisweet chocolate to get to the 4.5 cups so not very precise, but in good news all those ends of packages have been used.  The cookies are quite tasty, but seem to beg for nuts to me.  My husband disagrees.  Sigh.  New plan is bake half or 2/3 a batch sans nuts and then add them to the remaining bit as compromise may be better than my entire life sans nuts in things, right?  Then we're all happy.

Thursday, I will begin Layout A Day for the month of September.  I promise not to post daily here, but do plan to do at least weekly summary scrapbooking posts so if there is a topic you'd like me to add in with all the prettiness, just let me know!  Have a great week!

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