Thursday, August 18, 2011

June 20, 2008 meets August 2011

The box is labelled June 20, 2008 -- The date we bought toddler rails for B's bed when he was just 18 months old.  We never installed them.... More than three years have passed and a new lady rather thought her time had come.  With the recent flare up of my costochondritis, it was decidedly time for transition to the toddler bed.  First step -- find that mystical box in the attic!

Step 2: empty all the many blankets from the bed left over from the earlier "blanket party" which might have been the partial inspiration for doing this "today."  (Blanket parties involve every blanket and pillow both kids can find all in the bed with the kids, preferably covered by a "roof" of more blankets.  This requires taking M in and out of the bed several times).

Step 3: taking the front of the crib off--- and testing out the bed with no railing at all.  I think she liked it.

Next steps - helping Daddy install the toddler rail....

More helping.

Even more helping (when does it cease to be helpful?)

Victory!  A toddler girl with a toddler bed already re-filling itself with blankets for the next blanket party.  Success!

PS - Night one was uneventful.  Night two, she attempted to take off all her clothes and had to be redressed. Twenty minutes later, was trying to don rain boots that had to be confiscated by Daddy.  Both nights she has been in her bed asleep when we checked on her and woken up there in the morning.

UPDATE: Night three she was found standing by the door with a blankie shortly after bedtime.  A couple hours later when we checked on her she was sleeping quietly in bed, all properly tucked in.  However, the light was on, fan was going full speed and pieces of her "tent kit" were spread all over the floor....In good news, she is sleeping well and in bed, if having a few adventures here and there. 
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Summer said...

hah, we've had many rain boot escapades after moving to toddler bed as well. obsession. good to hear she is doing well!


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