Thursday, August 18, 2011

Car Talk

This page was inspired by Shimelle's "Half Page" challenge. I think using only half the page works here because the half I did use is pretty busy with all sorts of banners and goodies.The guys there - B and his Godfather Erik are working on my Mom's old PT.  There will be a post with more about these two coming tomorrow, but for now, my thanks to Erik for all his help and friendship to us.  He hurt his ankle yesterday so also prayers for quick healing!

Today's Crafty tip:  See those strips of paper around the bottom of the layout? Ever wonder where those come from?  In my case they are literally bits of recent pages that are still in my desk or in the container nearby that I keep just for these narrow scraps.  Some are edges of patterned paper (like that scallop off of a Sassafras page).  Others are trimmed from the part of the pattern paper that lists its name - as on the reverse there is usually a bit of pattern.  For those paying close attention, that thin blue strip is the same pattern paper from the center ledger of the Play Ball layout I showed a couple days ago. 
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