Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We Play Together

During the week, the kids and I "go" alot.  We are at the gym, Zoo, Science Museum, Unpluggits, park, or somewhere most days.  Weekends are a little different. While we often run an errand or two or go to a party, most of our 'play' time is spent here, together. 

We read lots of books, do puzzles, build lego creations, race cars, build train tracks, have popcorn and a movie, play dress-up, feed baby dolls, cook in the play kitchen, color, chase, and a million other little simple things, together. 

There are chores too, and cleaning up, but still, every bit, together.

Last Saturday, our play included this fun pinkalicious doll and books from Aunt Audra & Uncle Zach.  M's last birthday hurrah.  I love the weekends and I love my "crew."

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