Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Its August!  That means it is home improvement month as casa Richards (random but true, this seems to happen every August).  Today's project was the people coming to install our sprinkler system, because yes, our grass is nearly dead.  I think I hadn't quite visualized the carnage required, but I'm sure it will be awesome in the end.  Meanwhile, these guys worked for eight hours in 107 degree weather (yes, I told them this could wait, but they disagreed).  They cut my internet line twice, and fixed it twice and promise to return to finish things up tomorrow.

2.  Next up, storm shelter  - We have estimates from two companies and a few more questions for one before we decide so that phone tag is going on, but hopefully concluding soon. (I should note that the wave of home improvement is being greatly supplemented this year thanks to some trickle down oil money from my Mom - thanks Mom!)

3.  Remaining projects - new platform bed (ordered), buying a new mattress and picking out storm doors/having them installed.  We shall see how long all that takes -- and if we have money left at the end. (Should have....)  Feels nice to be making our house more pleasant and safe for all of us.  Next project for winter is thinking about moving kids into a shared room with bunk beds, which of course I'm not nervous about at all.... right....

4.  I just wrapped up my third six-day a week gym week. As usual, I hit a bit of a wall yesterday (happens at three weeks most times).  My body was not having anymore of this nonsense.  Mentally, I am still very much in, but having to try and deal with some limits of my body, such as my costocondritis, foot problems and knee problems.  All can be managed, but are still frustrating.  I listed to Mary and stretched a lot more and feel much better today -- and continued to double up on stretching.  In good news, I'm getting back to that place where I'm at Zumba enough to actually be dancing, not just trying to follow along which is definitely making me happy.  Running had been going strangely well this week also, until yesterday's wall.  Able promises some pointers to keep me moving... here's hoping.

5. Party prep - so right, in the midst of this house upheaval and scarred yard, we're hosting double birthday parties for M this weekend.  I am trying very hard not to worry that some supplies apparently won't arrive until Friday!  Also, still have no menu for the second party. For once though, I do actually have decoration and activity plans, so that's nice.

6.  B is at Seussical Zoofari zoo camp starting today (after sworn promises from his Doctor that he's no longer contagious).  Today they read Horton Hatches the Egg - then promptly went and looked at an ostrich egg and the elephants, and returned to some elephant and egg crafts.  I'm fascinated to see what happens tomorrow.

7.  M's babysitter is having a little surprise party for her at childcare with her friends on Thursday. (Umm, don't tell M, ok?) Such a sweet thing.  I was surprised to discover we've been with Ms. Kim for five months already.  We luckily once again have found a great set up for us.

8.  M all about practicing her sentence today and parroting back things she hears.  Today, she repeated many times on the way back from the gym "Yes, I do want a quesadilla."  Quesadilla took a bit of practice, but she got it and proceeded to question why she couldn't have one in the car.  She also says things like "Listen baby Keagan" (one of the kids at Ms. Kims). I do wonder what she says at Ms. Kim's that she here's here.  Yesterday, her quip was - B you need to calm down, he was calm at the time, but it is something she has heard a lot.

9.  My Mom and sis are on their way back from Nova Scotia. I do think my not going was the right idea, but do so envy the thoughts of cooler water and green landscapes.  I'm not really traveling again til my DC trip in September both to save money for above improvements, but also because I was away so much earlier in the summer and need to be with my kids.

10.  Tomorrow, Brent and I are going on a date!  Uncle Able is coming to play with the kids and we are going to Opus Steakhouse and shopping for M's birthday presents.  I'm looking forward to it and my day off for my body to heal up a bit.

Hope you all are having a lovely summer and looking forward to seeing some of the more local folks this weekend!

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