Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Week In the Life: Sunday

Sunday was a very much not as planned day. As mentioned at the close of Saturday, B was kinda sick so we let him (ok, enjoyed) sleeping in.  Sadly, we found him asleep on the floor when we checked as it was somehow more comfortable?  We had cereal and Smitten Kitchen corn chive popovers (good, but not amazing) and then gave up and went to Target as we were absolutely out of milk.

(This is where I should have written this earlier as I kind of forget what happens next... ) Hmmm....Oh, we took family pictures our (roughly) weekly tradition this year.  Next up, we decided to take M to her first theater movie- Winnie the Pooh.  Granted, she is significantly younger than B was and also much less interested in tv.  However, I had heard great reviews, it is quite short and rather sweet. (Plus, it was really so hot out side).  She loved holding her own ticket, picking out snacks and walking her way along to the theater. She did great snacking happily for the first 15 minutes so pleasantly.  This was great, but that was just the ads and preview. (Note to self- arrive later next time).  Overall, she mostly spent the time snacking and observing the others in the theater.  She did love when she realized that the Pooh on the screen was the same as the lovie Granddaddy had given her the previous day.  The last ten minutes got a little tense as she was ready to bold and B was having a great time with the show.  She made it through and protested mightily when we left the building to head home.  Overall, pretty good result for a not-quite two year old.

Next up - Naps! I went to Zumba and returned to find M already awake.  When we "checked on" B, as M likes to do, he was quite hot, even after having had tylenol two hours earlier.  Therefore, our planned trip to Lowes got shelved for a trip to Urgent Care for the boys and Cinderella/stress cooking for the girls.  I, of course, completely convinced myself he had meningitis or something by the time they called.  Really, he has strep and with proper meds has been mending quickly.

Dinner was Shrimp Fried Rice - using rice from the Tikka Masala the day before, left over corn from the breakfast prep and left over roasted broccoli from Friday - not authentic, but quite tasty.  We also had to have chocolate ice cream because that is what people with strep need.  Quickly time for bed and the end of our week.  I decided to spend the evening scrapbooking rather than photo processing and thus the delay.

I enjoyed the documenting process more this time.  Time will tell how the "getting it in the album" goes.  I'll keep you updated, of course.

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