Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Remember all the rah-rah about how great exercise was going last week?  Right, probably the costochondritis somehow heard that because after a rather nice run on Friday, I began to get nervous as I could feel it building.  No exercise since, but plenty of anti-inflamitories, and today my steroid shot.  The awesome thing about the steroid shot is that it works fast.  I did feel like a drug seeker while the PA continually sat there freaking about whether or not I was having a heart attack--- despite having no other symptoms and a chart on file that is pretty clear on my history and that they've run zillions of tests.  In any case, I was duly scared and got my steroids after all, right after the chest x-ray.

2.  Next piece of advice was, of course, go see your regular physician later in this week or next.  As you'll probably recall, all attempts at finding a Primary Care Physician this year has been a disaster as we've been moved from fairly free choice to ONLY choosing from St. Anthony's.  The pinnacle today was when I called one of their offices again and they said they were taking no more Community Care (my insurance) companies, which is rich when they are our only choice.  I "may" have vented on twitter (directly to them, mind you) and have since been given the number of someone to call to talk about this with promises of help.  Shall I tell her urgent care thinks I'm at risk for heart attacks? Might be motivational?  Sigh....  Ps. Yes, I'm feeling much better physically, but still attempting to follow medical advice

3.  On to happier topics -- After yesterday's Bread post, I noticed I forgot the big news I'd meant to share along with my deep thoughts on the healing power of homemade bread- I am, at very long last, hosting the bread making workshop I promised long ago in  mumblemumbleJanuarymumblemumble.  September 11th - seems like a day in need of comfort food, helping others and probably ending a week where I can use some comfort.  If you want to come, drop me a comment or an email and I will include time, locations, etc...

4.  Let's see, not much else happened today. We did, finally, buy new pillows (also usually a January thing).  Hoping it will help with the neck/shoulder pain and kids did great in our brief trip to the mall, which I usually avoid taking them to if at all possible.

5.  Ah, BIG news, wait, that probably deserves its own post.  In very brief M has taken another step into toddler hood.  Guesses? (No, not potty trained, I'm as sorry as you are).

6.  "Summer" is ending with Pre-K's start on Monday and suddenly I feel like I have no time for all the things I want to do.  We need to have lunch with Uncle Able and Daddy (one more time).  We want to go to the farmer's market and Zumba (aka the "big" gym), the Zoo,  go swimming, to visit John, Zane and Granddaddy... We ARE sending the kids off to star watching with Grandma and Aunt Ann for Friday while I go to CKC and Brent teaches.  He also has new admin duties on Saturday morning so they may get bonus time with Uncle Able.

7.  Little progress on the house improvement front.  Doors were professionally measured as I'm quite clear that they are a bit out of kilter and now know this in painful detail.  Going back to re-pick out storm doors armed with more information.  Platform bed has been constructed---- and pretty much is going to result in reorganizing our entire bedroom, but as I can't lift anything that hasn't happened.  Also thinking of staining the armoire in there to match the bed... once I can lift things, obviously and the temperature has dropped below 90.  I also want to re-paint the sconces on the front, but did you know you aren't supposed to use spray paint when it is over 90 degrees? (Yes, I read the instructions).  Next up on the storm shelter is going down town to get a permit, which I'm sure will be great fun--- I vote Brent's job.

8.  Today, I made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner with garlic bread. The thought was that this would be fast and easy, but I overlooked a few things.  I have none of the following in my pantry: pre-made meatballs (which I hear you can buy?), bread crumbs, pre-made garlic bread (which also I hear is for sale) or pasta sauce...  So I had to make quite a few pieces from scratch, which was tasty, but probably took at least twice as long.  I did feel good with "whole" ingredients which is pretty much why none of those things are in my pantry, but still...  

9.  Ps - good news for those of you whose kids like the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs book or movie, it is very effective at encouraging kids to eat meatballs and spaghetti, for that matter.  Try it.

10.  Meanwhile, I did make this Chicken Enchilada Soup recipe. It was tasty, fast, lots of veggies and fit well into my WHAM lifestyle.  Problem is, didn't feel all that fresh as I emptied can after can after can to make it.  I did add in a can of chopped green chilis and a teaspon of cumin for a bit more kick.  A great fast fix, but kinda wished there was more fresh in it.

That's all from here, hope you are doing well and let me know if you want to drop by the afternoon of September 11 to make and break bread with me.


Mary said...

Turkey meatballs! We keep some in the freezer for spaghetti, but they're also good if you just throw them in a crockpot with some sauce from a jar (spaghetti sauce or otherwise) for snacks. So nice for spaghetti thought because they're already cooked.

Actually, though, I'm not a true meatball person with spaghetti, I'd much rather have sweet Italian sausage. I am loose meat-averse so I roll it into ball shape, or cook the link and cut it into pieces. And that's my two cents for the day.

Debra Dotter Blakley said...

I regret that I will not be able to join in the bread making fun and what is all this talk about bread machines????? That is anathama and you know it. Are you going to divulge the two secret ingredients or shall we keep those a secret and for a later time? Just wondering. Are you going to actually measure things? Can you do that when making bread??All these questions are driving me crazy.


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