Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. DC Earthquake! Today, I was on the phone with one of my colleagues in DC when he says "What? Why is the building shaking? It keeps going? Gotta go "click""  This is one of those weird things about telecommuting when things like this (or my occasional tornado issues) happen we don't know what is going on with the other person and we all tend to get tense.  It took me about 10 minutes to determine via Twitter that they were having an earthquake and had likely evacuated.  Shortly thereafter, one of my colleagues posted to Facebook that they were all fine.  Those were some worried 10 minutes and I think I'm going to make sure they text me or something next time so I know they are OK.  I suspect our emergency planning handbook is going to be updated shortly with more earthquake protocol.  GW ultimately closed for the day to inspect its buildings and we'll start again tomorrow.  In case you wonder, as a distant telecommuter, I am also part of the disaster plan as I'm able to keep supporting the university when those there are having trouble doing so for whatever localized reason.  It is a handy thing that hopefully we never or rarely need. (PS --this comic is so what happened...)

2.  Is this not the most decadent insane looking brownie ever?????  (Yes, I might not feel so much like blogging and am wandering pinterest on the other tab.  I'm sure you all have days like that, right?

3.  Today, I finished Storm's Heart , a very enjoyable romance/fantasy type book (think faeries, vampyres, etc...).  The cover is ridiculous, but a good follow up to Dragon Bound for those that like some romance and myth.

4.  Follow-up on Pre-K: Day 2 we discover that there are only two kids in the class on T/R.  We have the choice of M/W/F, T/R or M-F.  Due to my work and B's readiness, we did all five days.  The only other kid there today was Preston and while I'm sure they had fun it was a little odd.  Maybe I can get Ms. Sara to work a bit more on reading or something these days when there are only two?  B seemed OK with it, but is odd to me.

5.  The post-report on M is that she was SO tired yesterday evening.  She napped while I blogged, but when she woke up was wild and clearly still tired.  I hope she starts napping at school soon as she does need a nap a bit earlier in the afternoon if possible. If not, we'll just have to make sure she gets lots of nap after school.

6.  In house updating news, our storm doors are in! I rather like the one on the front.  It is "putty" in color, which is different from both the trim and the door, but I think makes a nice visual transition/frame.  In looking it over, I, of course, remembered that I want to replace the light fixture on the front porch as it is boring, doesn't match the other fixtures and isn't pretty.  So, we'll add that back into the list for slightly cooler weather.

7.  Meanwhile, our grass is starting to look amazingly green and things are growing in my garden again.  The mini-crape myrtle my Dad and I picked out a couple years ago even seems to be growing and blooming at last.  It is amazing what some water and even slightly cooler temps (102 v. 110) will do for my yard.

8.  The CKC whirlwind with my friends was great fun.  Oddly, I think my interests/expertise are outpacing the available classes so I'm not sure how helpful they are. I did really enjoy the vendor fair and Jess and I even signed up for matching Studio Calico subscriptions, making us officially one of the cool kids.  I wish we would have gotten to actually scrapbook more, but will work on better balance for our girls time next year.  Sarah and Alisha did join us for Friday evening fun and we had a wonderful time creating together while catching up on all the news.  So much fun and so glad it all came to gether.

9.  Sunday, was book club so even more girl time with a mostly different group.  We read Silver Sparrow  which was a dark and different look into bigamy in the 1970s American South.  I kept naively hoping for that happy ending somehow... fair warning, it isn't in there.

10.  We are gearing up for the start of fall soccer next week.  B is on the "Dragonflies" team, appropriately enough as that is my Grandma Dotter's emblem to us now.  We need to buy some equipment and we'll be all set.  Of course today when we were at the gym for Zumba he inquired about why isn't he in swimming lessons still so perhaps that will be restarting one of these days as well, but maybe after soccer ends?

Hope all is well and that my eastern friends braved today's tremors.

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Debra Dotter Blakley said...

Who in the world could possibly eat such a brownie. It looks like pure-dee-old sugar shock leading to coma to me, but that's just me.


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