Monday, August 22, 2011

1st Day of School

M - Age 2: Ms. Jenny's 2 yr old class
Today, M & B headed off for their first day of the new school year at St. Elijah's MDO.  This is their first start to a school year together at the same school and could be their last for up to four years! We attempted to take some pictures to mixed results.  The sun was really bothering B's eyes which may or may not be related to the slight black eye he has from (I hear) M hitting him in the eye with a flashlight this weekend at the farm. (She is a bit rough, this girl...)  In any case, Ms. M was all smiles and ready to go.  She wanted to carry all three of her bags and wear her pink dress with her sandals.  She wanted to do it all herself, but had to accept just a little bit of help. M's class is full of people potty training so we added her to the line-up even though she is still far from done, it keeps her involved and seeing other kids doing it.  Several little ones from last year's class are in her room and F (B's friend) has his little brother V in M's class so all very nice. I really like F&V's mom so maybe play dates to come!

B - Age 4.5 - Pre-K with Ms. Sara

B has been so ready for Pre-K ever since he discovered it existed back in March.  He is actually in the same room as last year, but with a new teacher and a new Pre-K curriculum.  His class is mostly boys this time which is a switch from the summer that I think he likes.  He was all set to take his new metal cars 2 lunch box to school and had very specific lunch requests.  (Later, turns out he saved some lunch to share with us, which is sweet, but unnecessary so he ate it in the car on the way home).  While excited about Pre-K he was not, as usual that excited about pictures, but we did get a bit more than last year so I'm all set.  Ms. Sara was great transitioning him in and M out (she was M's teacher last year so there was some confusion for the little lady).

After school I tried to listen to them both tell me their tales at once with intermittent songs from M.  We attempted to have back-to-school snowcones, but as Edmond is in school now they were closed.  We settled for shared cupcakes from SaraSara and some snuggles before rest time.  

Below are the additional outtakes from this morning -- see if you can guess which ones were "silly faces". 

Mom's side - My side is a bit less sure.  For three years, every day has been different and our schedule has been wildly flexible to whatever cool thing we want to do or whim of our day.  We have never had either kid in child care five days a week since our move.  Now, they both are.  Now, my work schedule and their school schedule is the same every day.  The type A part of me likes the thought of a fixed predictable routine and thinks they will embrace it.  The me that has thrived on flexibility and extra time together is less sure.  At my base, I know it is the beginning of the next 20 years or more of school schedules that are going to pare back all those long weekends and random mornings at the zoo.  I know it is for the best and that they need and want it, but part of me is mourning just a teeny tiny bit too.

In an attempt to celebrate "back to school" we are, I've suddenly decided, having international foods week here just like we did the first week of school growing up (note, most weeks at our house are international foods week, but I'll try to be more intentional about it this time.)  Of course, this will mostly be americanized international foods, but at least a bit of "spice" to the week.  Day one is Orange Chicken with Jasmine rice and green beans.  

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Debra Dotter Blakley said...

Yeah, I know that hurt very well. They will have fun, learn a lot and still have lots of time for home fun, dinna fasch my dear. I had forgotten about International food week ! Thanks for keeping that fun tradition going at your house. Enjoy your time, work hard so all the time they are home will be time you can share.

Debra Dotter Blakley said...

Oh, maybe you should have a talking pet: some so designated stuffed animal or toy that is used so only the person holding the 'pet' gets to talk. They have to take turns and learn to listen to the other person when it is not their turn. We used to do this in the classroom and it made things very much easier, otherwise the loudest person always got to talk and the quiet one never did.

Audra said...

I loved international foods week! Also, they are both so big and grown up I can't believe it. I love that they are getting good use out of the book bags I bought them. Kiss them both for me!


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