Friday, September 2, 2011

Maggie's Stories

One of the things I love about my kids at two is listening to their stories. Sometimes things that would not be so funny coming out of say a 30 year old are hysterical coming out of a two year old mouth. M can now say pretty much anything so some of her funny moments are parroting back what you've just said or "correcting" her brother's behavior. Then again, a lot of them invovle discussions of "shake your booty."

I love that she is already becoming a storyteller and has the tools to tell her own story.  Even if it is as simple as recounting for Daddy what she and Zaney did or telling him what kittens say.

I love that she is already using her words to offer comfort to her brother, me and her friends when they are sad. This is huge and a life long gift she can give others.

I love that she that she has this innate joy and ability to make me laugh, which is a sadly difficult thing to do sometimes. Thank heavens for my cute, verbal, happy lady and her great stash of stories.

(Note: Design inspired by Shimelle's sketch of the week and today's Mother LOAD prompt).
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