Friday, September 2, 2011

Five on Friday

1.  I don't know if you've heard about the JCPenney girl's shirt debacle (so with Liz on this), but I wanted to share the counterpoint very awesome t-shirts that embrace my love of a good vocabulary. (Fun fact, Brent told me early on that he loved my vocabulary and thus my heart was won... or at least headed well in that direction).  (As I was reading some of the points and counterpoints that flew out of the JCPenney issue I also found this well-written article on being a man that is worth a look too).

2. Chrissie pointed me to this lovely burlap wreath that I'm so hoping to make using some of the left over burlap from our anniversary party.  I think I'll leave out the sign int he middle and maybe use different colors.... but very cute!

3.  From Pinterest - I happened onto this awesome globe/travel themed party.  I love the colors, maps, globes, everything.  Not sure what occasion I would use it, but so enjoying the look.

4. Next up, pearls.  I love pearls, particularly pearl necklaces.  I like all kinds from the basic classic version through different sizes, colors and combinations.  This may, in part, be because of my Dotter Grandparents giving all 11 of their granddaughters pearls for their 16th birthdays.  It might be in part the lawyer look, or maybe it is just that they are so classic, feminine and elegant.  I love mine (currently having the clasp fixed).  I do think that I'd like something like this champagne chunky pearl necklace too as the next piece of my pearl collection.

5.  Remember all those challenges I was doing with Shimelle?  Well, one of my layouts was draw at random as a winner and I won a class for me and a friend so starting yesterday, and each September, I'll be taking Shimelle's Learn Something New Class! Hooray for learning new things and stretching creatively.  Very excited!

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