Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Some things I've learned this week.

1. Sept 1: I learned getting to ride in Uncle Able's car is an awesome incentive to get kids packed and out the door quickly.

2. Sept 2: I learned that my mother's garden has flowers in every color of the rainbow even in this heat and that exploring it with my daughter is awesome.

3.  Sept 3:  I learned that sometimes the people that we make as friends can become as close as sisters and some times your sisters' friends become your sisters too.

4.  Sept 4: I learned how much better it is to watch the men in my family build something amazing together than it is to sit silently mourning together.  A year's worth of memory apart, but this day of togetherness was much more positive if harder physical work for them.

5.  Sept 5:  Wildly random, but that today I learned that my Dad made "witching rods" out of brass rod to find water. We just found them this week one year after he died, but my mom says he was so excited to have made them. I sort of vaguely remember some murmurings of this, but had never seen them or known how 
cool he thought they were.

6. Sept 6:  I learned that sometimes when I'm being hot and bothered with my kids it is because I am actually too warm.  I was strangely frustrated by every little thing and then noticed we were all sweating... yeah, needed to turn the AC back on and cool back down literally and figuratively.  (Technically, I've noticed a similar correlation a time or too, but this time it stuck).

7.  I also learned that three kids under 5 was about as many as my Mom, Audra and I could keep control/track of with all of our various physical ailments this weekend.

8.  I learned that my having accidentally killed my kitten by a screen door slamming on it as a child has left me marked for life and crazily afraid that one of my kids will accidentally kill one and be marked too.  (My brother accidentally killed at least one rabbit though and appears to be doing fine).  Luckily, all kittens made it through the weekend alive and mostly well. 

9.  I learned that sometimes weird family traits impress themselves upon you -- I, for example, thought I had 
been unaffected by the Dotter women's compulsion to pull/dig out sticker plants, but learned otherwise.  I also learned in this same vein that I have a tendency to selectively weed my Mom's gardens.  I routinely pull all of one type of weed while mostly leaving the others alone. I am fairly sure this is not that helpful and make no sense, but find myself doing it just the same.

10.  We had a lovely long weekend together at the farm and got to share in the joy of Anna's wedding too.  The men worked very hard and very well together.  The kids played hard and the ladies did our best to keep up with the rest.  We did get a glorious nap on Monday followed by Rice Krispie treats.  It was really quite an awesome weekend and I'll post more photos soon.  

Did you learn anything new this week? 

(Ps. This post was largely inspired by Shimelle's Learn Something New Every Day class. You can join the fun here, if this exercise sounds interesting to you). 

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