Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ten on {Wednesday}

1.  I continue along with the Big Picture Scrapbooking Layout a A Day class.  So far,13 days in and probably roughly 17 layouts completed, including at least one per day completed and posted.  Granted, a couple of those days were somewhat minimal.  The above layout is probably my favorite just now and inspired by Lisa Truesdell's very similar page.  I have two things that I need to "fix" before it is complete.  Any

2.  My and "my people" at the baking lessons this weekend. These ladies don't really love having their picture on the blog, but it was such a great shot that I thought it should be here.  Thanks to both of them for all of their help with the baking class and to all the other helpers and participants.  It was amazing.

3.  Isn't Chrissie adorable? Oh, and Donovan too? I didn't get to hang out with Donovan as I don't want to spread my cold around too much, but loved his smiles and having him with us.

5.  While I was teaching bread baking, the guys were largely managing all the kids.  Here is Eric with three of the girls (one of which is his daughter).  Eric is a very fun playmate, as you can tell.

6.  Soccer!  Ok, so soccer is going much better.  We've had one successful practice and game.  B seems to prefer practice to the game, but hung in there.  Very cute stuff. I am discovering that Soccer momming comes with lots of outside random events so we'll see how that goes.

7.  Running - I've returned running to my exercise ritual.  So far, so good.  What I notice about running is that I feel somehow more "can do" or empowered afterwards.  Not sure why, but I like it.

8.  I got about 3 hours sleep last night, thus the now Ten on Tuesday post -- coughed all night and went to sleep late as was mired in work stuff for far too long.  Busy season is upon us again at my job.  I head out on Tuesday and am sure it will be a busy trip.

9.  We went to the National Night Out event in our neighborhood.  It was so-so.  Bouncing thing was very popular with B.  M liked looking at the firetruck, but would not climb in or talk to the firemen.  She just wanted to stand next to the truck, at length.  There was also ice cream, lemonade and a martial arts demonstration (mildly scary).  We did talk to a few people and am generally glad we went.

10.  This weekend is family pictures + soccer + football game watching (maybe) + clothes shopping + hopefully hanging out with some friends or family.  Busy, but good, right?

I promise to get some sleep and hopefully be back to blogging soon. 
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