Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Ok, so not feeling much like blogging of late -- this is a combination of things, but largely due to not having uploaded/sorted my photos in forever, which usually inspires a lot of my posts.  I haven't done the photo review drill because my laptop is dying and just a huge pain to work with.  New laptop is not in the budget at the moment so I'll need to suck it up.

2.  Speaking of budget, I feel like ours imploded this week.  (To the extent we have one).  I'll spare you the gory details, but I very thankful for my subsavings accounts just now and reserves for things like random big car repair bills. 

3.  Ever have one of those days where it is one thing and then another -- that was today. Occasionally, one needs some comic relief on these days.  Today's was going to pizza at "Danny B.'s" using a Groupon. (I had to buy it as it reminded me of my Dad, right?)  He would have loved it.  When we found the place it was literally in a little gas station strip thing, no one else was eating in, and the interior was well, minimal.  The pizza was great though.  Have you ever had cream cheese, pepperoni and bacon pizza? Now we have and enjoyed it!

4.  B is so in to addition this week.  He has these addition/subtraction workbooks featuring the transformers and crazily loves them.  It is very cool to see him wanting to do this invented "homework" and making good progress while having fun.  Hooray for kids learning things they just want to know - a lot of fun that way (no, I'm not headed towards unschooling, but do see their point sometimes).

5.  I managed to catch a stomach virus from the kids so was pretty worthless on Thursday and Friday, which were also peak days at my job.  I cowboyed up as my Dad would say, but taking a call with two VPs while my kids were home and I was sick was not one of the ideal moments of my career. I think we pulled it off though.

6.  My jogging stroller came!  .... but.... it was not the one I ordered so now get to fight with the seller about that.  In better news, I did manage my first 20 minutes straight of jogging complete with M in her old stroller.  Sadly, was my only jog in nearly a week due to the illness/work/rain issues.  M continues to like going with me and stretches with me afterwards.  So fun and I like that she sees exercise as part of our life.

7.  We're going to TX to hang out with the Jones/Rouse/Richards folks and maybe see the Vos!  The kids are so excited to see their cousins and friends and so are we.  Still pondering what my food contributions should be.

8.  We went to the Zoo with the Hoppers on Monday.  It was perfect weather and so fun to do together.  I'm so glad I work part-time so that these afternoon outings are possible and so much better for having friends to share them with.

9. Not too, too much scrapping this week, but some.  A couple pages I love and then one yesterday that I haven't quite been able to get "right" yet.  Annoying when that happens, but hoping I'll figure out how to get it to where I love it.  Sadly didn't get to have our craft night as Tracie and I were both sick, but dreaming that we find the time somewhere.

10.  Starting to think about Christmas.  I even have a couple gifts bought and pondering December Daily choices.  Then I wander back to just loving Fall.  The weather is gorgeous.  We are having a wonderful time being outside, jogging, playing, laughing.  Fall is great.  I am so happy it is lasting a bit longer and hope that we have more than a month more to enjoy it.

Here's hoping tomorrow is a better, more peaceful day and I'm off to get some sleep to help with that.

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