Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Have I mentioned it is busy season at my job? Yeah, so it is.  I am working a lot, including "night" hours to get it all done in time and it is starting to weigh on me.  Probably need to stop and scrap more to same my balance/focus...  My, ahem, large Studio Calico box arrives tomorrow just in time to rescue me!

2.  I've been jogging more!  Just realized I've exercised six days out of the last week, which is more than my plan of sticking to five (oops).  My chest feels fine. I had the unexpected opportunities to jog with Tracie and Able on consecutive days so I seized those moments.... and ran very slowly.  Apologies to my running buddies. I am just pretty slow, but the chest pain seems to stay at bay that way and I'm sure I'll be faster someday.  For today though, I am pleased with where I am and am taking a rest day tomorrow as starting to feel some soreness in my legs.

3.  I ordered a jogging stroller at long last!  M really likes to go out with me when I jog and I really like having her.  Our existing stroller, however, was more than four years old, completely worn down, and in no way designed for jogging.  The new one (BOB Revolution SE in Plum -- because I know you want to know) seems ridiculously expensive, but gave in because I need one that works for both her and I, that I know will last, etc... Also, they have great resale value so hopefully all good.

4.  The weather remains amazing (see all the outdoor running).  I love that we're getting to spend more time outdoors together and even some time with our neighbors, believe it or not!

5.  Soccer continues to be a very social thing.  Luckily, we do like most all of the people and our kids appear to LOVE playing with their kids which is awesome. I "think" I'll have to miss most of practice/Friday super with them this week as I have book club, but I'm sure the rest of my crew will enjoy it.  (B continues to not "love" the games, but we have a new theory to try this week... ps, my husband is amazing).

6.  Ah yes, book club. I missed book club last month and am excited to go.  The selection for this month is Along the Watchtower by Constance Squires.  Parts of it are set in Oklahoma and the author lives in Edmond so some local flair.  I thought it was good and a different sort of read for me, but not so spectacular that I'd seek others like it out. 

7.  We had a Wii <3 Pie party this weekend.  It featured 8 pizzas and, I think, six pies.  I think Jessie's S'Mores pie was the most popular (in that it was finished first), but my favorite was Emily Lam's Cranberry Apple pie.  She makes the most amazing pies and every single time I have one I'm just so enamored with them.  The pizza was mostly Hideaway with some BJs tossed in.  I think we might do another sampling of local pizza sometime in the future.  Much fun and I actually got to talk to people this time.

8.  Last night our children decided to remind us what it would be like to someday have a newborn again as one or the other of them was randomly up off and on from about 1 am until the alarm went off.  I did sleep in the chair with M.  So bittersweet in that I loved the snuggle, but know this will probably not happen many more times as we don't really "fit" as easily as we used to.  She seems all limbs and we had to try a few things to get her all tucked in. It was awesome to get another chance to hold my sleeping little lady.
9.  Telecommuting is awesome, but occasionally I am reminded of the limitations.  There was a bizarre power outage for a couple hours today in north OKC so I had to migrate over to Barnes and Noble to use the wifi there to be able to work.  Loved the Salted Caramel Mocha and it all worked out, but definitely made me realize again how much I rely on having readily available power and internet.

10.  These Caramel Stuffed Apple cookies look so delicious and scream "fall" to me, but so far, I've resisted making them as I am missing ingredients and do not really need more sugar/carbs in my life... but someday, they shall be mine. (As usual, I found this temptation on Pinterest).

I hope you all have a lovely week and I'll try to pop back in soon!

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