Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1.  These two are having so much fun together these days.  M loves to snuggle him and pulling him up to sitting (and very gently ease him back down).  She even puts his socks back on when he inevitably yanks them off.  Quite the team!

2.  I am digging through my camera and found this picture of B and me at the "Cooperation Feast." Love it!  We had a fabulous time and I love how happy happy he was to have us there.  I went up for our monthly lunch today and surprised him.  He was pretty excited to see me and talked me through the chaos of the lunchroom.  I did have to tell some kid at a nearby table to quit throwing food.  Kindergarten lunch is quite a bit more chaotic than my last visit, but glad we can visit him often and let him have those special moments. 

3.  Are you familiar with Peanut Butter (the horse)? He is the pony at the farm reminiscent of one we had as kids.  He dressed up in Able's hat for Thanksgiving and I think is totally ready for Zaney boy to visit in a few weeks.  M seems in denial about him no longer making sounds, but so it goes. 

4.  These guys are rocking the hoodies for the new cooler weather.  We found this one amid the many boxes of clothes from Zane.  Isn't it odd how different people look with just their faces showing?

5. B had a long-awaited play date with P on Sunday.  Brent took E to the hospital to visit Granddaddy.  That left Lady M and me alone for a girl's outing to Pinkitzel. We had decadent cupcakes, bought candy for everyone, and even found a special Christmas outfit.  M was doubly excited as when we got home the neighbors invited her over for her own playdate and I, unbelievably was home alone for 20 minutes or so... it was weird. 

6.  Did you read this post about my December Daily foundation for 2012 yesterday?  Believe it or not, it has nearly twice as many page views as my former most popular post ever.  Nearly all of my top ten most popular pages are related to December Daily, actually. Want to join us? I'll be happy to help get you started.

7.  I watched Dancing With The Stars for the first time in forever this week with M.  She loved it.  So much fun to share our love of dancing. I don't think she'd seen couples dances before as she termed it "see those mommies and daddies dancing together?"

8.  E has had a big week.  He had his first ear infection and was diagnosed with croup.  He did remarkably well with it.  Only Thursday night/Friday morning did he struggle.  I ended up holding him for most of Friday and Saturday, but he was a trouper and is back to his happy self.  He is very much into bouncing still.  We have to earn his smiles just a bit  more now and work to do so all the time.  He still thrills on his siblings and anyone paying attention to him. (Don't we all?)  He continues to roll and explore fingers, hands, and toes.  He got to sit on the counter (while supported by me) while I was cooking a little today and seemed to think this was very awesome.  Generally, even in a tough week for the little guy he spreads joy and grows quickly.

9.  I have no idea what we are doing this weekend? How weird is that? It is probably the last time until say February sometime.  I think Brent and B may be taking Granddaddy on an outing to the movies and maybe B has swimming? Weird, right?

10.  I have come to accept that I'm going to have to buy some clothes.  Still struggling with size and weight loss, but do have to have something to wear in the meantime and my current set isn't cutting it now that the temperatures are cooling.  Sure, I do telecommute and "can" wear sweatshirts every day, but do envy the moms at MDO and elsewhere that are a bit cuter, you know?   Or maybe just really comfortable clothes that are at least moderately more cute? I don't know and am not sure when any of this will get addressed, but that is my vent du jour. Sorry.

Hope everyone has a very merry week.  Google what is going on in your town.  I was amazed at all that was going on in downtown OKC and M and I just might go make gingerbread ornaments at the Myriad Garden after learning about some of the spice trees there.  Want to join us?

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