Thursday, November 29, 2012

December Daily: Kids Crafting

In my December Daily Foundation post, I mentioned that I planned to do some supplemental pages not tied to dates.  Today, one of those moments happened.  It was definitely about our Christmas, but not yet December.  I decided this was an ideal moment to test out this year's plan.

First, I found a photo to use.  It isn't particularly awesome as I had about 4 seconds to take these while supervising six kids under the age of six.  Then, I journaled on one of the supplemental cards.  In short, this story is about a rare moment of my being the "cool mom" and about kid crafting fun.  I am not the mom that has a set of craft projects on hand with proper supplies and planning.  Really ever, despite our large crafting stashes.  Today,  M and I went to Michaels to get some decorations for the kids room and picked up a foam Christmas tree and an extra huge tub of foam Christmas stickers for Christmas decorating and projects. (All on Sale! along with those awesome 40cent antlers she's wearing).  When we stepped out of the car after picking up Brendan three kids were literally hovering outside the van waiting to play with us.  (Side note, two we know and the third little girl's first name was the same as my maiden name!)  We immediately broke open the Christmas tree package and let everyone decorate to their hearts delight the tree, each other, the storm shelter, whatever.  We had tons of stickers and tons of fun.  Christmas captured and good neighborhood fun.

After I journaled, I just glued everything to the cardstock M and I bought today (during the Michaels trip), added a few tiny bits, wrote friends with a white sharpie, and it was done.  The Sn@p albums come with tabbed dividers so I've added this behind one I intend as a "bonus" category, but we'll see how it develops.  It feels awesome to have a page completely done and in the book.  I think the system works as the total time making it was far less than the time it took to post this. 
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Debra Dotter Blakley said...

Wonderful happenings! I am so glad you live in a neighborhood with little kids the same ages as your own kids. What fun for everyone and I love your letting them just sit down and create right there in the garage. Why not?!


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