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2012 December Daily Foundation

It is time again for December Daily with Ali Edwards and LOTS of friends all over the world.  This is my fourth year and I'm again glad to be doing it and worried about the time and final album.  This year's stylings are inspired by Ali, but with a slightly different format as I'm using a 6x8 binder with dividers allowing for two 4x6 slots on each page.  

Here is my plan for 2012:
  • One 4x6 journaling card per day printed from the Ali Edwards Digital template available from Designer Digitals. 
    • I printed half in green and half in gray onto Bazzil Basic White Orange Peel textured cardstock.  
    • Pre-embellishing the bottom box of each one. (So far 23 of 26 are completed)
  • One 4x6 photo per day or two 3x4 photos.  Printed at home daily on my new spiffy printer (ink and photo paper pre-purchased)
  • Optional 4x6 Journal Your Christmas entries sprinkled throughout --- This is an annual class by Shimelle.  Subscribers get annual access forever and I tend to do 3-6 posts per year.  I've prepped six red cards with no date for any entries I may choose to make and slip in with or without photos. 
  • Optional 4x6 Journaling Cards - Daily Favorites - again using the December Daily Favorites digital templates from Ali Edwards.  I printed these in red like the other optional cards, but haven't otherwise prepped them yet.  I doubt we'll use all of them, but like having them around and ready to go for those moments like talking about favorite Christmas books or favorite Christmas songs.

  • Use the Sn@p binder and additional page protectors.
    • This album comes with some tabbed dividers, pattern paper, and divided page protectors.  I plan to use these and supplement with some additional divided page protectors so I have enough for the entire month.
    • I am doing a title page made out of gold polka dot velum from the Dear Lizzy Line, because its lovely :)
    • I embossed the outside of the cover with red glitter and white opaque zing using the same twinkle, twinkle stamp over and over from the Jingle All the Way stamp set (which I've used throughout the cards and love--- which is something I never anticipated saying about a stamp set). 
  • Process - 
    • my plan is to select one story to tell and one photo each day.  I will hand write the story onto the prepreapred card and slip it into the photo sleeve.  Then print the photo and add it.  If there is more than one story in  need of telling or more than one photo. I will use one of the "blank" (dateless) cards I've prepared.  
    • Add in Journal Your Christmas or Daily Favorites entries whenever I'm inspired to do so using the same basic set up. 
    • I may do some other pages from before December. I plan to add these things that aren't tied to a date behind a separate tab.  I'll still use the blank journaling cards, but will likely adhere to patterned paper instead of putting them in sleeves (because I'm a sadist just for fun!)
      • Picking out M's holiday outfit
      • Christmas Box making with the APO folks in Tulsa
      • Any Christmasy things we do this week, etc...  
      • Our annual Christmas Card
Here are the base supplies:

I also purged my December Daily stash of anything I don't absolutely love and see myself using soon.  I gave the rest to my daughter's preschool.  They were glad to have it and I feel alot better about where I'm starting with my supplies.

Here are posts from prior years.  I've generally just provided the first post from each season and you can scroll forward or back if you're interested.

If you got all the way to here, congratulations!  Want to join in the fun? I am both nervous and excited.  I hope this year's system and memories are the best yet!  There will be daily posts here through December so you can keep up with the fun as well. I hope you enjoy sharing in our fun!

PS - Some of the links herein are affiliate links, just FYI, but all recommendations are my own.

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2 comments: said...

Love the snap album.
looking forward to follow your December!

J3SS1C4 said...

I like your album a lot. I plan on using the snap album as well, only I'm alternating between the 4x6 pages and the 6x8 full page ones. I'll be sharing mine on my blog in the next couple of days


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