Tuesday, December 18, 2012

DD 13, 15, 16 & 17

Believe it or not, I have been keeping up with my DD, largely, just not posting here while I was away.  Here is a brief recap of most of the missing days. 

DD13 - A portion of our book club went to dinner at Cafe do Brasil and then on a three hour limousine ride to look at all of the Christmas lights around the metro OKC area.  We had champagne and felt very glamorous.  It was delightful, relaxed fun.  I highly recommend it!  Thanks so much to the Lams for the gift of this special ride. 

DD 14 is missing.  Weird, yes? The card has literally disappeared so I'll have to make another.  The page will be about the Korenaks visiting and our first full professional family picture with my siblings, mom, kids, etc... in literally we cannot remember how long. The picture will be from the results of that shoot from Heather.  Yes, I adore her personally and professionally.  Making friends with her has been one of the great gifts of this year.  I sort of feel like I should note the great sorrow of the day somehow too and may include this Mr. Rogers quote sheet Cathy Zielske made. 

Day 15 has double entries as part of the day was relaxing at the farm and part of the day was the glamorous ballet with M and friends.

(Crafting note - the wooden pieces and red ticket washi are from Freckled Fawn.  The green tape and gold sequins are from SC). 

Here is a description of what went on at the farm, including pirate adventures and cookie baking that happened while M and I were away. 

This is another flip page with multiple photos.  It talks about our ballet experience from nervous first moments, through M being absolutely riveted by the first act and the mixed bag of interest thereafter.  She was also nervous about meeting the dancers, but by the end loved it and asked to wait in line to meet the Sugar Plum Fairy, which we did.  We had cookies and milk afterwards in between meeting dancers.  Then went back in for pictures by the huge tree and nutcracker.  I loved to watch her twirl and spin on the gorgeous red carpeted lobby.  We took our time and let her enjoy every minute before leaving with her own snowflake dancer nutcracker and an ornament for our tree.  Tracie was a HUGE help through all of this and I can't imagine it without her assistance both in and out of the theatre.  

The next morning was farm Christmas.  I included a few more pictures behind this flip (which apparently I didn't photograph, sorry). The journaling is about favorite present, big memories, and Zane's enthusiastic present helping. One picture is of Zach literally holding him back and trying to show him the present he had opened.  There is also one of B with his first Christmas gifts.  It is cute and a very short snapshot of the fun.

Then, it was Monday and time to say good-bye.  M was very sad to go and I hear Zane was missing her a lot afterwards.  The rest of the day was full of routines and trying to pull things back together (cleaning the house, preparing for the week, going to the Doctor, etc).  It was a pretty mellow day.  You'll notice these aren't in page protectors.  I, sadly, am out of page protectors as apparently I didn't figure out the number needed properly or anticipate telling so many stories.  I will continue on and just add the photos into the sleeves when they arrive.

(Crafting note - the stamp is from the SC 25 Days kit, I think.  Ironically, I pre decorated this card before knowing the what the day would bring and this particular day that wasn't "as" filled with joy, but I kind of like that it is pointing towards more joy ahead, right?)

I am, in case you are wondering, still loving this process, and the album as it develops this year. I hope you are too.

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