Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1.  These two make me happy.  I love the dynamic between them.  They can do so much and are so interested in each other.  Mind you, other times, they are all about annoying each other and apparently us, but mostly, love it. 

2.  M's Parent's Night at Dance was this week.  There were various logistical debacles along the way, such as Brent forgetting it was that day and forgetting her shoes (which it turned out WERE in the car all along).  She insisted on a bun for the evening, of course.  It was adorable and we do have video to share.  They had some cute Christmas songs and the Chickadee song we've been hearing all about.  Perhaps my favorite though began -"This is my left tap, left tap, left tap. This is my right tap, right tap, right tap." You get the picture, and can guess the choreography. It is a key lesson for dancing and life!

3.  As you'll see when I get around to posting my December Daily update we had quite the weekend with this little dude and his parents this weekend for Christmas at the farm.  Z and M are the best of playmates and so full of energy!  They have a blast together, but do still need a lot of supervision as they are a danger to themselves and others without realizing it most of the time. 

4. I don't know what is going on with M.  Most of the time she is totally awesome, fun, happy, talkative, and one of the main joys of my life.  Other times, man, we are at logger heads.  She randomly has been having some potty training incidents after months of no accidents and is seriously the slowest, most recalcitrant seat belt buckler ever.  No clue.  We're working on it, talking about it, punishing, and incentivizing.    I suspect what is going on is that she's three, but if it is something else we need to figure that out soon before we all go nuts. 

5.  "Have you ever been hugged by a snowflake?" A direct quote from this OKC ballet dancer.  M was very nervous around the dancers at first, but kept coming back to visit this one and was finally brave enough for a hug. (Much more about the ballet coming later in DD and otherwise--- in short, it was awesome!)

6.  We all have been hugging our very own kindergartner just a bit more and loving what a good worker and tender heart he has.  Here Grandma is getting her very first gift picked out and purchased by B without his parents' intervention via the school holiday store.  It was awesome as you can tell.  

7.  An interesting development of late is that B is drawing more. I think they draw a lot at school and I am so excited to see him drawing.  In these images he is drawing the Skylanders Grandma got him for Christmas.  Both were memorialized both in paintings and in chalkboard drawings.  So yes, still obsessed with Skylanders, but transferring that interest across mediums is good, right? (Yes, I know he needs longer pants. My apologies. These are moving right along to Zane). 

8.  It had been awhile since we'd seen our neighborhood friends and we were so excited to spend the afternoon with them yesterday.  They now play video games with B, use the ipad, and love to play games with M & E too.  It is awesome. 

9. I got new running shoes for Christmas and love them! I'd been wanting to try the Altra zero drop shoes for awhile as the Another Mother Runner folks have been raving about them and they sounded just right for my running style and place right now.  I, almost immediately, took them out for a few miles on the dirt and gravel roads near the farm and my running woes from the fall slipped away. Suddenly, it felt natural and comfortable again.  Hooray!

10.  Ok, I have to confess.  We have not wrapped a single present (other than those opened this weekend). I do not have a clue what I'm cooking for any coming Christmas gathering or even really what the plan is for when they are occurring  I hear rumors of snow.  I do think we have all the presents squared away save one. My job is incredibly busy as it always is before a break as everyone tries frantically to clear their desks. I really am going to have to focus on the nitty gritty of all this final prep, but focusing on the sparkle, glitter, and fun with my kids is just so much more, well, fun, than wrapping presents is for me.  

11 -- Ooops, just noticed E didn't get a note this week.  He is doing well.  We are focusing in on getting his skin issues cleared up as we've been slacking.  He had a great visit to the Doctor and handled all of his shots so well.  His stats are: 27 inches tall (61%), 19lb 15oz (86%), 44.25 cm head (74%).  He is very into sitting up, but doesn't really have a graceful way to get back down again so ends of either crying or falling, both are sad.  He enjoyed his first presents which included adorable hats, a tie, and lots of things to chew on, which is perfect for a six month old. It will be fascinating to see what he reacts to in the remaining fun of Christmas.

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