Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. This is what M wore to school today (I had to remove the turquoise shorts she has originally added... so this is an edited number of colors/patters, if you can imagine).  She loves to dress in as many colors as possible and looks so much older lately.  You may not be able to see it here, but her hair was also wavy from sleeping in braid so much more voluminous as well.  Big fashion day for Lady M.  (Oh, and that candy cane ornament, its name is "Red Wagon" for reasons I cannot understand, but not for lack of trying.)

2.  Taking pictures of three kids where they look even generally in the direction of the camera is hard.  No clue how photographers manage this. 

3.  M and I are having lots of fun.  We dance around the living room and talk about all sorts of things.  The M quotes are a riot this week.  Today's favorite, after we read the Nutcracker again, she asked if we could read it one more time.  We said we had to wait until tomorrow.  She protested, "but it is just SO good!"  Love it. 

4.  This picture is awesome.  Probably my favorite of the two of them.  Guess the photographer? B!  Yes, very very good. 

5.  Not sure why, but I really like this photo of them playing together at the park.  Both of them look so grown up and moving into the next phases of their lives. (Yes, it finally got colder here). 

6.  Random picture from the Edmond Parade.  They made this large van into Rudolph.  We all thought it was quite creative.  Good job!

7.  Here is M in her creative process and with the finished product.  Those jars contain a variety of toppings we keep on hand (and were initiated when prepping for the Sundae party at E's baptism). 

8.  I might have mentioned there were lots of kids and fun at the Cookie Exhange party.  This photo is from late in the day when Aunt Summer and friends played Twister.  Remember these kids have had lots of time together and lots of sugar.... yes, all of that. 

9.  This guy turns six months old tomorrow.  Want to join us in celebrating by participating in 12 on the 12th?  Just take 12 pictures and share somewhere we can see them.  It is easy and fun!

10.  I think M is getting into the swing of December Daily and requested this photo shoot with her brother including specific poses.  As you can see, she finally got her Christmas dress, but more on that later:)

I hope you have a wonderful week!
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Audra said...

Love being a mother to boys, but would love to buy a beautiful dress now and then too. Miss M looks so much older and so lovely. Also glad to see the elf costume fits E. Can't wait to see you guys soon.

JennieMarie said...

Nice photo, B! And I love M's fashion. And E's cute elf outfit.


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