Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I have determined that if E is going to be an early riser then we might as well be having fun, right? So here we were, having fun.  Happily, he is sleeping better this week.  Sadly, still waking up once, but suddenly that seems fine.  Particularly if you consider the current poor state of his parents' health!  He went to the Doctor last Thursday for an ear check and came home with more antibiotics and a healthy 21lb 14 oz weigh-in.  He is babbling more and more and adores finger foods. Happily, he is playing with toys more now and not yet really mobile, but trying his best. Adorable, warm, and happy most of the time.  Love this moment.

2. Recap of the BIG birthday blast coming, but this is how it ended with our 6 yo and his best friend playing Mario, just the two of them. (In fairness, just minutes after I took this, B melted down in a sugar, crazy, adrenaline let down kind of way.  P handled it all well and we wrapped up the part).  B sustained a big scratch/bruise to his elbow and side on the playground yesterday.  He is trying to be brave, but did come visit us in the night to tell us it was hurting him. Tomorrow is his 100 day celebration at kindergarten.  I am eager to hear how that goes, probably more than he is to participate. 

3.  How did the "littles" get so big? Here they are watching the traffic go by in the little chairs.  I was surprised how well E did in B's chair.  You see that red ball?  It was dropped moments later and, of course, rolled right down the hill that is our driveway, across the street, and down the road. Lesson learned --- less rolly toys for our next afternoon adventure. M's watching was ultimately successful as she did find some neighborhood kids to play with and had a grand time hanging out with A's family for quite some time and even went with them on a walk to the duck pond in our neighborhood.  We did, eventually, lure her home and send home the other kids busy playing video games at our house.  Ah, suburbia!

4.  I had a very sad morning this morning as I discovered that my friend Dan had died of a massive heart attack. I am closer still to his wife Arline who I worked with for years and we all hung out outside of work.  I mourn for my friends and for their young girls.  I cannot wrap my head around it. 

5.  What do you say after that? I don't know.  Make a plan, hug your family and friends and do the best you can, every day. 

6. You'll be relieved to know that my darling husband is recovering from the flu and has not "knocks on wood" had any hiccups in maybe 48 hours?  Here's hoping it persists as I hear he's rescheduling his Dr. Apt. for Friday due to work obligations.  Hard to complain when my "work obligations" will require everyone's schedule to be reworked all week next week.

7.  Yes, I have been sick too and even took off work yesterday to sleep and recover.  My coughing is crazy and I guess this inhaler is helping, but I'm not sure how long it will take to pull everything back together and I'm scheduled to leave for DC on Tuesday.  Should be fun, right?

8. It rained!  Glorious, pouring, stormy rain.  It fit the gloomy morning and was much needed.

9. I haven't run since last Thursday as my lungs are barely functioning for, you know, breathing at resting rate.  This stresses me out on a few levels as I'd only just gotten to the place at long last where I was comfortable and progressing again.  I guess I'll be starting again, again when my asthma is managed.  My current goal is Friday, but that is probably overly optimistic.  Meanwhile, I've started (again) tracking my food and nutrition....

10. This is the latest I've been up in a week.  So, I'm going to bed now.  I do miss scrapbooking and really think I need a bit of that sort of therapy before I leave to bring things back to balance.  It is amazing how many things get out of whack over just an annoying cough.  Imagine if one of us were ever really, truly ill? My prayer tonight as with so many of these nights is health, healing, and comfort to all of us.  Hugs and hopes for happier days.

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