Thursday, January 24, 2013

Parts 1-3 of B's Birthday fun

As mentioned, B has four requested birthday events.  The first, was bringing Skylander Krispy Creme doughnuts to his class last week (pictured above).

His next request was Birthday Breakfast with his Grandparents (Ok, he actually mentioned Aunts, and Uncles, but they were largely unavailable this year...).  Anyway, the above is a slideshow of the festivities.  The first image is his awesome portal cake and we work through presents to a family picture.  Yes, E is blatantly missing most of the action.  He napped through most of this, sadly.

Then we took a break and M and I napped before round two.  Round two, was a B requested Wii Fun party with our friends.  We were so lucky to have lots of fabulous friends join us on short notice.  His main request was getting to play video games with the big boys,and, as you can see, his wish was granted.  We had a great time and I actually got to spend some time with E and his crawling practice as our other kids were busily occupied elsewhere.  I love these parties and we really want to get back to having them more often.

He ended his birthday happy and showing off his hew Green Lantern bath towel.  The one remaining event is to be his party with his school friends (old and new). Here's hoping that the grown-ups are well-enough to pull that off.... Oh, and you remember on Tuesday I mentioned Brent had the hiccups, he still does.....

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