Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day in the Life 2013

I am contemplating doing a "Day in the Life" each of the remaining months of 2013 with Ali Edwards beginning today.  You can read her post here.   I am beginning tomorrow with my darling husband's birthday.  Consequently, I won't have a January section, but have decided I'm fine with that because if I tried to do today I wouldn't have much from the first half of the day before I remembered this was happening!  You can see the small spread from last year's day in the life that I made here. It is purely iphone pics as I was in DC so a fairly unusual day in comparison to our normal weeks.  Are you interested in joining in?  You can start anytime, just pick a day, download the note taking sheet, and make notes as you move through the day.  If you have pictures to add, great.  If not, you'll just have a quick written record of a day in your life, right now.

I'm pondering whether to continue the 12 on the 12th posts or move to something like 5 on the 5th (as there are five of us?) Or something different altogether.  Any suggestions? 

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