Friday, February 1, 2013

B's 6th Birthday Blast

Aka - the 4th and most anticipated part of all!

First, favors, for my party planning friends :) This year, for some retro chic we put the favors in popcorn bags.  

There were finger flashlights, chocolate gold coins, and most importantly a bubble gum core of light (a Skylanders thing) made of bubble gum from 42nd Street Candy, Savory Spice Shop tubes, and Skylanders element printables.  Much of the other decor, thank you note, and invites were from Creative Creek Studios and assembled in various ways by me and my crew of helpers! 

This was the party for his friends from Kindergarten, Pre-K, and well everywhere else.  In the end, I think there were maybe 8 boys and one brave girl (plus our family).   As this was a Skylanders party, they mostly played video games set up on two Wii units in our living room (Thanks Granddaddy and others for loaning us parts to pull that off!) Others played with LEGO bricks or explored in B's room finding cars and other cool stuff. 

Of course there was a Portal of Power Cake --- complete with tasty chocolate rocks from 42nd Street Candy -- and a very smiley sister.  I, for some reason, love taking pictures of B blowing out his candles.  It did take a few times (thanks, asthma) and I originally only had four candles on the cake, but one of these excellent counters brought that to my attention. 

Then there were more video games - and occasional breaks for snacks.  Our menu was designed by B and included his favorites: GoGo Squeeze, Cheeseball & Wheat Thins, Popcorn, Chips, Carrots, Celery & Grapes, Peanut butter filled Pretzels, and Pizza arriving mid-way through the party.  

Of course there were lots of presents. 

And SO many people helping with presents that it was quite the flurry.  I have no clue how we'll work out thank you notes as at least half of these I have no idea who they came from! 

There were LOTS of Ninjago books, which we love and have been reading all week.  Other hits were LEGO sets, Transformer cars and these "Trashie" squinkies (not sure how to explain them, they are small squishy figures you can flip into trashcans?) B also adores his plush trigger happy from his bestie Preston. 

Finally, it quieted down and it was back to just these two, quietly playing Mario together.  (OK, in fairness, shortly after this picture B had a bit of a sugar/excitement overload and had to take a time out for a bit, but still a great afternoon). 

I'm adding these for my sister who missed out on decorating. There are also fun chinese lanterns in Skylander colors with little pennants.  Somehow I don't have a great picture of those, but there is still time as all these decorations are still up as we enter a third week of party decore! 

I think it was a big success.  M did a great job making some of our shier guests feel at home and had them all engaged with their parents in some out door fun by the end.  I have a feeling she'll be a great hostess all her own someday.  She also handed out favors at the end, very diligently.  B was pretty focused on the video game playing and wasn't always as engaged in farewells, but I think everyone gets it at this age.  His friends all behaved well and seemed to have a great time. Believe it or not, I'm not sure that he's even turned on Skylander's since so perhaps it is possible to quench that particular thirst, at least for the moment. 
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Audra said...

It looks like it really ws a blast. We hate that we couldn't be there. Glad he had fun. Miss you!


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