Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I have had a very long day, mostly punctuated by nearly 5 hours at DFW between cancelled flights, and replacement aircraft. I got up very early for that privilege.  I did, finally, make it to work.  It was wonderful to be there even though I missed a meeting I very much wanted to attend.  I did get hugs and back with my group.  There is, as usual, a small fire drill issue happening, but it probably wouldn't be Board Week without it.

2. Perhaps it was the long day, mostly isolated, or the lack of sleep, coughing, and an evening alone or maybe thinking how I might have prevented the fire drill, or maybe just this interesting book I started or missing my family, but I'm a bit melancholy this evening. Contemplative.  Maybe it is missing my Dad again. In these moods, I am much more prone to write, but really need to sleep so I'll still try to be brief.

3.  As mentioned last week, I've joined SparkPeople and have a weightloss plan, complete with some minigoals to make it more manageable.  I also went to the Dr. and got an official asthma diagnosis complete with two inhalers and some steroids to calm things down.  I ran only twice, but they were great runs and faster.  I signed up to do the Run Lucky and Memorial 5ks with Tracie too.  Also, I met my weightloss goal for the week, despite it being my husband's birthday and a baby shower, both eating celebrations.  Here's hoping I can somehow meet my goal while traveling, which I'm already beginning to doubt. (Seriously, DFW, think about a healthy option in there somewhere????)

4.  E is doing well. I think he is actually wellish and his sleep is improving (knock on wood on both counts-- they appear connected).  He is so much more mobile than a week ago.  He has discovered that he can roll in a series, which is fun.  Also, he can now, fairly quickly, do the worm or lunge crawl himself across the floor so the fun game of "playing defense" has begun.  He would very much like to get into his Brother's Skylanders and sometimes manages it.  He also seems to want to eat any paper/tissues he can find.  We are going to have to start being vigilant. He has also just taken up crying if you walk away (sad) and his face still lights up whenever I look his way (which I adore).  I had the most difficult time leaving him this trip.  The others are older and "get" it mostly.  He is so little.  A kid cried on the plane most of the flight and I worried that somewhere E was crying missing me (granted, this was irrational as I'm always at work at that time of day and I have never heard reports of such behavior, but motherhood is often irrational).

5.  M has a little sniffly cold and a funny voice because of it.  I hear she was up to some odd escapades today in my absence.  Mostly this week she has been in to Angelina Ballerina shows on Netflix and then subsequently doing her own dances.  B and I went to the Spice Shop to help for just over an hour on Sunday and in that time she and Daddy filmed, I think, 11 videos of her routines.  Also, Angelina appears to be set in the Australia or New Zealand, maybe.  As a consequence she is developing a rather different accent!

6.  B - I'm not sure he's played Skylanders much at all in the last week.  He is now most in to random video games from the 90s that he discovered via SuperSmash Brothers.  Also, to my surprise, he won a whole host of awards related to fundraising for the Walk-a-Thon, which was terrifically exciting.  Of course a day later he was equally sad at pickup as he'd lost his special Irish hat from Grandma.  Happily, she joined him for lunch and some lost and found searching and the hat is home!  B and I have been talking a lot about how simple and fast it is to just do things when asked so you can go back to playing.  He is generally excelling at this and his sister is generally not.... Perhaps when she is six like him!

7.  Brent is being super husband this week again.  The logistics are more complicated this time as my mom will be in St. Louis for a large portion of the week.  Able and  Brent have a complicated system of car switching to make it work.  I wrote out extensive notes all around out of an abundance of caution.  I'm 100% confident it will be fine.  I'm just hoping Brent gets some rest at night and that the kids are a bit more compliant than usually.  Oddly, I've noticed they sometimes do better with only one of us around anyway? (Dreamer?) In any case, thanks dear one!

8.  I am going to the ballet this weekend.  I am quite excited and feeling just a smidge guilty.  I won't have to leave until bath time though so it isn't much of a disruption and is good fun with my bestie.  I actually have season tickets this year so this will be my third performance.  The final performance is Swan Lake in April.  this will be, I hear, the first time that the OKC Ballet has done the full Swan Lake ballet.  I'm very excited.

9.  I "think" I have dinner plans with friends here for the next couple days.  They are really quite tentative and logistics are complicated as I don't get off work until 6:30 at best here and never really know when I'll be done.  Add to that lots of other people's schedules and I just hope I get to see someone!

10.  We are working on Valentine's plans with the kids.  I hear my Mom and M are decorating the house.  B and I have developed plans for Valentine's for his class (assuming I can find the list of people!).  We still need to settle on a plan for M and get those, make B's valentine box, and I need to find little treats for them at the end of the trail of hearts for Valentine's morning.... Holiday's are just busy and more fun with kids.  No, I have no plans with my own Valentine, but we tend to either have a picnic at home or wait to go out after the rush.  Perhaps we'll get Able or Brent's parents to babysit one of these days!

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