Thursday, March 28, 2013

Celebrate! Kindergarten Fairy Tale Day

Today was Fairy Tale Day for Kindergartners   Here is B with "most" of his Captain Hook costume (the sash at his waist is missing and literally only remembered after we were nearly gone. Check out the very cool shadows in this picture and the ones that follow- very Peter Pan appropriate!  The "breeches" are his normal black fleece pants rolled and tucked into Daddy's tube socks.

This project is totally DIY and not a thing bought for it (which is an unusual feat here, but we should do it more as the kids' loved it).  The hat is left over from M's birthday party and we added some cool paper feathers (I hand cut these based on many scrapbook blogs in the topic last fall). We made the hook from silver glitter pipe cleaners - there is a handle inside that is thicker to hold on to and prevents it from slipping through.  The black glove of the hook is made from some thick craft foam we cut and stapled. (M has a similar version with a brown/gray glove portion).  We also tacked on big cuffs to his shirt, hand sewn from felt we had in the craft bin. 

Here you can also see his shirt ruffle we made with a bit more stitching of some felt.  It is attached to his shirt, but can easily be snipped off later.  Technically, when he takes off the hat and hook he looks more like Benjamin Franklin than Captain Hook, but don't tell him that :)

The hook is fascinating, and funny--- We carefully discussed setting it down and rolling back the split in the cuffs if necessary for school work.  We also discussed not hooking people with it -- Yes, I tried to teach a pirate etiquette and kindness, but know the boy is in there listening. 

More awesome shadows! When I visited for our monthly lunch, he had the costume sans hat, hook or belt, but was having a great time.  He planned to put his accessories back on in the afternoon, but had left them in for recess.  There were lots of knights and peter pans among his friends to play with as well as many fairies and princesses in the girl group. 

Now, if you are Lady M and there is costuming to be done, you can hardly stand on the sidelines, right?

She designed this feather "headdress" and the mechanism to attach it to her headband.  (This pose she strikes when I try to take pictures of her outfits lately.... a bit more demure than reality).  We pondered her possible role as the Indian princess in Peter Pan and admired her shadow too. 

This is a bit more typical M. 

The feather didn't last til school, but it was fun to spend the early morning dressing up and creating costumes in Fairy Tale land. 

What was one of your favorite Fairy Tales that my kids might like to hear about?
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Debra Dotter Blakley said...

My favorite fairy tail was Rapunzal because she had that beautiful long hair and I did too, at that time. I knew it hurt to have people pull my hair and wondered how she had stood it as the prince was climbing up to her window. I also loved it that she was set free but then, alas, his eyes were scratched out in the forest...drat. It was a very emotional tale for me but the good guys won in the end and that was all that mattered.

Chrissie said...

I liked all the classic fairy tales, but the one I'm most excited to share is the Fairy Rebel, by Lynn Reid Banks. I read it later, maybe 5th grade, but I loved it! I might read it with Serenity in the next year or two, she is sitting through chapter books finally!


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