Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spice Review

It has now been more than six months since my mom and brother opened the OKC Savory Spice Shop.  This week, I decided to poll my crew and see which have become their favorites.

B - Cherry Creak Seafood Seasoning - The kids all love fish and I try to keep the seasoning varied, but not too wild.  This was our most recent seasoning and B was completely enthralled.  (I mean seriously, how often does a six year old want their picture taken with spice blend?)  He was so excited that he finished all of  his diner for, he says, the first time when it wasn't pizza or macaroni and cheese.  Ingredients:  Salt, lemon peel, our Four Corners Peppercorn blend, red bell pepper, dill weed, cracked dill seed, onion and citric acid.  Before discovering this new blend, I think he would have been firmly in camp Ceylon Cinnamon, which he puts on all sorts of things, almost daily. 

M - Salt - For those that have spent time with M, this is quite an obvious pick.  We have a bowl of Kosher Salt sitting on the counter to cook with and I am constantly having to keep it away from her as she likes to taste and experiment with it. She is also a big fan of the Garlic Salt, as am I, we put it on our pizza and a wide variety of other things.  It has mostly replaced table salt at our house. 

E - Maple Sugar - Ok, in fairness, he is 9.5 months old and I don't "know" what his favorite is, but maple sugar in teeny amounts makes it into a lot of his baby food along with healthy doses of Baking Spice

Brent - Lodo Red Adobo - This spice found its way into our cabinet by accident as Sarah brought some by to help make my brother's suggested grilled pineapple dip to go with the burgers after E's baptism. Brent now puts it on all sorts of things from eggs to his now popular lodo red adobo risotto.  Ingredients:  Chile powder, Spanish paprika, salt, black pepper, shallots, Mexican oregano, minced green onion, cumin, cloves and arrowroot

Me - Ok, as you suspected, I can't chose and my answer is, it depends.  Here are my favorites in addition to those listed above:

For Beef/Potatoes/Roasted Veggies - Great Plains Beef and Bison Rub - I love this in hamburgers, but also on roasted or grilled anything. I love it so much I gave everyone in my office an ounce as a gift :)
For Soup/Chicken/Rice - Nantucket Rosemary Citrus Poultry Rub -  I use this to enrich anything that might have chicken stock in it or rub on chicken to roast or anything in need of a homey flavor. 
For Popcorn - Nacho Cheese Dip - I have tried many/most of the cheese blends and for me, this is the most ideal for popcorn.  I make this at least once a week (very good with peanuts in the popcorn too).
For Eggs/Pork/Veggies - Park Hill Maple & Spice Pepper - this is one of those spicy and sweet combos.  M likes to sneak it into things as she can almost reach it and it is a great mix for a variety of uses. 

For just me - when I'm making lunch, vegetables, snacks, mixed nuts just for me I'm fairly likely to choose the Black Canyon Chili Powder. I've slowed down a bit since going totally overboard with it in the fall, but it is still probably my overall favorite - I particularly love it on sweet potatoes (which are also remarkably good with Smoked or Hot Smoked Sweet Paprika, in case you wondered). 
Most of those above are blends - I think our most used single spice in addition to the Cinnamon is the Cumin (ground or seeds).  

So that's our spice story with six months of experimenting.  As you can see from our spice wall, we have lots of experimenting to do and will let you know as new favorites emerge. We are all loving this journey and excited to taste what happens next. 

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Monday-Saturday: 10am-6pm
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(As mentioned, the store is owned by my mom and brother, but I do not receive any compensation from it and any views expressed are solely my own). 

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