Friday, March 29, 2013


In my memories, I wore braids frequently when I was little.  No clue if that was real or not, but in the photos in my mind, there are frequent braids in my early long hair days. M loves braids.  Our mornings usually don't lend themselves to having time for braiding hair. (Yes, I have admittedly brushed her hair in the parking lot at school a day or two when even that didn't fit in). Also, M has very slippery hair.  My own hair now is much more coarse which helps to hold the braids easily.  The slip and slide and unfamiliar feel of braiding someone else's hair  means we often have to redo it or rework things a bit if it doesn't work the first time, which 3yos don't always have patience for, even in pursuit of beloved braids. 

Consequently, we had been planning for Grandma's next sleep over so she could help M with some braids for school.  On Monday morning, she made these secret double braids for M.  A braid within a braid somehow managed with a wiggly girl. SO fun. 
Wednesday morning, we went with a simpler approach, but some special flower power at the end.  
Thursday, she asked for a beribboned braid with a bow -- the ribbon is a gift from Uncle Able.  We went for a bit more of a to the side braid, mostly as she wanted to be able to pull the bow around to see it. 
Friday she initially asked for one big braid with all of her hair in it.  That just wasn't holding together. So we went with two braids, one for each side.  We added some clips near the front a bit later to help with some flyaway hairs on her face. We "probably" should have found Grandma's hairspray stash and given it a little spritz.  These braids start low behind her ears.  She likes that she can see and feel them. 

I hope we play with her hair more and "do" it more often.  Right now, we're finding the gap between dropping off the boys and when her school starts is a good time for braiding and girly fun.

 I want to take the time and make the memories.  I want to do the girl things with her as they and she are special in a house filled with boys. It's the little things.

What memories do you have of yourself and your mom as a little girl (or boy)? What things made you feel special?  

PS - those eggs on the counter - those are the eggs the children are "hatching" for Easter.  The Easter bunny apparently sent them via amazon and they were discovered a bit early so they are becoming part of our count down to Easter and are checked on quite frequently. The kids (and I) are beginning to lose patience though so we may help them along a bit later today. 

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Debra Dotter Blakley said...

Are those Dinasaur eggs by any chance? Be patient....until Easter at least. Love the braids. Hint: water helps with slippery hair while trying to braid and yes, hairspray is good for the flyways.

Chrissie said...

My favorite memories are things you already do =) Whatever craft or activity my Mom was into, she let us do too. She'd have us all lined up at a table, sewing, playing with stained glass, making jewelry, whatever it was at the time. =)


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