Friday, March 1, 2013

Five on Friday

It's been awhile, but I have a few things to share from around the net:

1.  52 Lists - this is a cool collection of lists that I found via Ali Edwards.  I found myself fascinated to see what my mother's answers might be to some of these lists, which probably means I should make some for my kids about me so they would know my 52 things in some of these categories.  There is a list a week all year and while I won't do all of them. I will likely do a few.

2. Help is (NOT) a Four Letter Word: This is via Girls Gone Child.  I am a huge fan of Rebecca's writing, but this post, in particular, resonates with my story of the here and now.  I need help and am lucky enough to get it.  Many people's first reaction when they hear I telecommute is" oh, how cool, you get to work and have your kids with you!" I have worked that way, when I had one small boy that napped for four hours a day.  Now, all three are somewhere else when I work 97% of the time or maybe here with a different grown-up watching them.  It is hard, but it is necessary, and that is OK.  My family needs me to work and I need it for my mental health.  I'll get off my soapbox as her article is more eloquent   Go read it for some perspective on my situation and others.

3.  Jamie was wearing these Jawbone UP bracelets while we were in TX for John's birthday party.  I am fascinated at the tracking concept, including sleep, activity, food, patterns, mood, and alarms.  So far, she really likes hers and I am very tempted.

4. I, typically, am not into costumes, silly outfits, kitschy races, etc.... however, I find myself oddly tempted to someday buy one of these sparkly running skirts and maybe even some funny race legs from Team Sparkle.
5.  Heather and I have just started talking about spring family pictures/E's 9 month pictures and I was thinking about Easter clothes for around the same time frame.  That resulted in me buying ALL of us hats for Easter/Pictures.  Most of us will have straw fedora's like the one for E, pictured above. I bought all five from Old Navy online so here's hoping they fit as well all have large sized heads!  There wasn't a good little girl fedora so Lady M will (hopefully) be rocking this one unless I can find her a fedora in the meantime.

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Jamie said...

love the UP and I highly recommend! Also... lets get big family pics on the schedule too!


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