Sunday, March 3, 2013


Ah mornings, they constantly change no matter how much we try for a routine. The most typical morning now involves E waking up at 6:15, and the big kids around 7:15. Then breakfast with Daddy before he leaves.  The "rule" is that after breakfast the big kids must get completely ready for school before they can play with any electronics.  That means, to me, with socks and shoes on, teeth and hair brushed, bags packed, etc....

B is, what my sister might characterize, as a first child "rule follower, " just like me.  He takes this rule very literally and, as you can see, goes all the way through having his jacket on. He has, cleverly, determined that if he actually is 100% ready to walk out the door and gets ready quickly.  He might get to play a bit longer.  Here, he is learning a game on the old PS2 that has been resurrected from the closet.

This guy, is also a fan of the PS2, because the remotes have cords, the better to play with m'dear.  He SO wants a controller, but only his brother's functioning controller.  He will not be tricked by switches, substitutions, etc...  This is about as ready as he gets.  I no longer bother with his socks or shoes before actually reaching the babysitter's house as he pulls them off immediately and chews on them so they are sopping wet. His coat hangs by the back door and his hat is in the car.  He is fairly easy to get out the door. He just needs his blanket. 

Then we come to the middle child. She thinks this "rule" is more of a "guideline," as seen here.  She puts her daytime clothes on. She does not, however, have socks, shoes, or a jacket on, and has not brushed her hair or teeth, and clearly thinks it is iPad time (it isn't).  To make this even more, ummmm, frustrating.  She is prone to changing her outfit in the getting out the door process.  The pants she's wearing here, for example, did not make it to school as they were deemed to big so she had to switch as she was putting her jacket on. 

We are tremendously lucky that I am able to be here to get them all ready and to their various drop offs in the two hours from when Brent leaves until my work day starts.  I am trying to remember to treasure the time; to convince them to let the electronics lie sometimes and play with me instead.  I'm trying to find the joy in it, not just see the frustrations.  I am trying to remember each one of my children is very different and that there is great blessing in each of their unique personalities.  Having different personalities though may mean that different parenting approaches are necessary for each, and that's ok. A new week of morning ritual begins in the morning so we'll begin again with joy in the time together and room to learn from each other, again.  
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Jamie said...

our mornings are pretty spotty as well, but my little rule follower fights me every step of the way. If it were you are anyone else telling him, he would snap too! WHY?!?!?!? WHY?!?!?


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