Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

Ok, so I haven't uploaded or really even taken many pictures this week so we'll have to do without... who knows what I'll have to say with no picture prompts?

1.  I have a weird relationship with my birthday.  I routinely don't make plans on the day of, don't think I'll mind that, and then routinely on the day of feel like I should have and yet have no idea what to do. It is a mess.  So, that happened again.  I had planned myself a party for a few days later, which apparently does not avoid the cycle above, but it all mostly worked out.

2.  We had a  pie party!  The party included maybe 25 people, four kinds of pizza, five or so kinds of pie, and a lot of chaos.  I definitely felt well loved.  We ended the evening chatting with Tracie, Able, and Kari, which was perfect.  (So nice that we had an impromptu dinner with Able and Kari again today, Tracie, sadly, was out of town and somewhat sick).

3.  Until this school year, we often went to the science museum, zoo, or play spaces in the afternoon after my work day ended.  However, B's school ends too late into the afternoon to do that now, sadly.  Therefore, I'm trying to find slots for impromptu visits to these places for short spaces of time on weekends.  This weekend, Brent took the big kids to the science museum for an hour and a half while E and I ran errands on Western.  Everyone was happy!

4.  Tomorrow is my mother-in-law, Marilyn's, birthday.  It is a big milestone one and we are so excited for her!  We celebrated a bit in Texas a few weeks ago, but will do some celebrating this weekend as well.

5.  Running - this weekend marks the end of my Train Like a Mother "5K Finish It" training plan.  I will be joining several friends in completing the Run Lucky 5K.  My pace still needs plenty of work, but I have run the full distance several times in the last few weeks and feel more like a "runner" all the time.  Last week, I also finally managed to get all my cross-training days in as well.  Hooray!  This week's plan has no cross-training to be a bit rested for the race and to avoid injury here at the last minute.  I did much better on the diet front last week and lost 1.5 pounds before the pie party....

6. E - E has had sort of an odd week.  In happy news he has achieved many milestones this week: waving, clapping, more sophisticated crawling... (and sleeping through the night all week).  His formula consumption is wildly all over the map.  For several days, he was down to four bottles a day.  The last two days, he has oddly seemed to "need" huge amounts of formula over the course of an afternoon.  He capped that experience by vomiting huge amounts of formula all over me this evening.  Able and Kari graciously offered to help from a great distance without moving towards the debacle.  (Infant vomiting is so glamorous and hysterical).  He is starting to play with his siblings more.  For more than 30 minutes today while I made dinner he played with or near them in the living room.  They only lost track of where he was once.... (perhaps I give them a bit too much credit sometimes).  It all ended well and he loves them so very much.  We're getting a lot of awesome smiles and loving all those waves and claps as he perfects his new coordination!

7.  M - The good news is that M and I are planning on participating in a mommy/daughter run in April and are very excited.  We are already working on strategy (holding hands) and apparel (beautiful skirts and running shoes).  We are still having problems getting her to do what we say the first time we say it.  This results in her being in time out and/or without a host of privileges or preferred items. These "issues" seem to arise only when leaving the house in the morning and when putting her to bed at night.  Apparently she really likes hanging out for us. She does have a lovely new twirly skirt and is doing lots of dancing and having great fun with imaginative games with her big brother. Today at school she made an awesome windsock.  It remains to be seen how well it will do with the crazy Oklahoma wind.

8. B - B continues to coast a long in good shape.  They've been celebrating Dr. Seuss this week at school, which is quite fun.  They also have school pictures, open house, and PJ day this week.  He is doing so well at just doing the chores we ask of him.  It rocks.  Also, he is eating constantly.  I'm not sure if he's making up for the weeks he didn't eat very much or if he's just growing, but he had cereal, milk, two pieces of toast with butter, honey powder & cinnamon, two more pieces of bread, yogurt, and I think a banana for breakfast alone today.

9. Brent is nearing the mid-point in the semester and already deep into working on IRSP plans for the summer.  I hear it is a slow semester, but spring break is coming soon!  (We're celebrating by taking a trip to visit Rowan).

10. Summer--- it is coming!  I am both excited and confused about how that might work with our kids this year.  Last year, I was off work most of the summer on maternity leave and the summer before M had a babysitter.  Neither will be true this summer.  B is fine being at home with me, but really needs to do some things in the middle of the day other than playing video games :) M is "sometimes" ok these days being home with me, but will need camps and some days with Grandma or E's babysitter to fill much of her time.  So, the camp research has begun, particularly for ones that both B and M can attend at the same time.  E will still have a baby sitter this summer, but what about next year?  This whole both parents having jobs that go 12 months a year thing is complicated (My parents both taught and were off in the summers).  I do want to focus as I have in prior years on making summer memories in the midst of all of this and will likely be gone again for four days in June not to mention Brent's wacky IRSP schedule.  Summer isn't sounding quite so relaxing after all.  We'll take our time getting there. 

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Debra Dotter Blakley said...

It would be fine with me to have a standing date with your kids in the middle of the week in the summer, with an overnight. We could try it out and see how we all survived. I know it gets terribly hot, usually, in July but it might be a rainy year, who knows. (That's me being the optimist for you.) Heaven knows there is plenty of work to be done in the garden in June at least, and we could do a little wandering through the woods, now that M is able to wander on her own.


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