Tuesday, April 2, 2013

{Easter} Ten on Tuesday

Here are some of my favorite pictures from Easter.  Not all of them, mind you, but quite a few.  Enjoy!

1.  So ordinary, but a few months ago, we wondered if we'd be back to this.  So glad we are. 

2.  This is E with his adorable Easter basket from his Godmother Heather.  It is the perfect size and softness for a 9 month old at Easter.  Thank you Heather!

3.  Rouse/Richards/Carr - Egg Hunt - This was M's first and B's 2nd egg hunt of the year.  They were a bit out of practice and it was the 12-year-old "hider"'s first year.  This resulted in a fair bit of frustration all around and I'm pretty skeptical about whether all the eggs were found, but the treats were greatly enjoyed.  

4.  Here is E, being confused with some of the eggs.  He "found" one token egg (the orange one between his legs), but mostly hung out on the porch with Daddy. 

5.  More strangely lit shots.  Here we are all ready for mass!  B loved participating in the creation story at Bison, but we didn't get to enjoy much more of the celebration as E vommitted a huge amount right down my shirt before the Gospel and we all headed home. B then got sick in the night, so not quite as healthy a crew as we'd like (still). 

6. Easter baskets!  E was not too excited about his, but the big kids liked there gifts.  B held back a bit on the candy after the sore tummy the night before, but that only lasted a few hours before he ate a whole row of peeps in one sitting. 

7.  This is one of a series of pictures as E tries to find the baby that is in the mirror.  He kept looking at the front of the mirror, then peeking behind  reaching his hands back there, looking again- fascinating.  He is very curious and trying to figure all sorts of things out these days. It is quite fun to watch. 
8.  Grandma had six new baby chicks.  The kids and Brent helped check on them frequently, held them, and helped find any that had escaped from the cage before they got into any trouble.

9.  Easter Egg Hunts at the farm are always fairly epic as my mom leaves eggs out year round.  This year, the  Easter bunny hid eggs around the house too as well as real boiled eggs outside for extra fun!  B was a bit slow to start, but many egg hunts happened during the day and B even got to hide some. 

10.  Miscellaneous other fun - the rest of the day was eating, talking, and playing in various ways and wonderful too.  Above, M is riding peanut butter (the horse).  She took him on several long journeys.

I think here M is supposed to be setting down to eat with Great Grandpa and our first course of carrot soup with urfa pepper (my bro also made sous vide salmon with grapefruit fennel salad, and deconstructed banana cream pie).  My mom made the most delicious Greek Easter Bread.  It was irresistible.

Chatting by the fire, four generations.  (Although technically Brent is added to my generation, not born to it, still very sweet). 

B and I tended and watched the fire quite a bit while he rested. 

Uncle Able brought a dozen new fish for Grandma's pond to keep "Felony" (the one large surviving fish) company.  We checked on them now and then to see if they were adapting well. 

It was a lovely Easter weekend and perfect weather.  Brent and I got naps and came home with very tired kids.  Uncle Able & Kari had a dance party as we were packing and wore M completely out.  She was asleep in the first 10 miles or less.   Thanks to everyone for a wonderful celebration, especially our Mothers who put a tremendous amount of work into opening their homes and making us all feel relaxed and loved.

Hugs and love to you all!
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