Thursday, April 4, 2013

Celebrate! Career Week

As you may recall, last week we were celebrating Fairy Tale Week with Captain Hook.  This week was Career Week in Kindergarten.  The week kicked off with a Monday morning all Kindergarten assembly with the amazing and fun scientist, our own Dr. Richards!  Brent gave a talk, did an cool foaming experiment, took questions and let the kids check out a model brain he brought along.  He then had lunch with B and did an afternoon session with just B's class so they could check out the model and talk more.  He got a massive thank you poster and had a wonderful time.

On Wednesday, I gave a brief talk focusing on lawyers as helpers and problem solvers.  We talked a bit about rules (why they exist, what lawyers do related to rules) and also "lawyered up" the three bears following Goldilocks home invasion.  Then, we had the normal question and answer.  Brent and I both discovered a lot more "stories" than questions, but so it goes.  I was surprised how many stories had to do with (fake) guns, but that might be their law association?

Other presenters so far have included: Sheriff, KFOR TV Reporter, Karate instructor, Nurse, Police Detective, Vet/Pet Store owner, muscian (yes, my job is in the "less interesting" range in this grouping).

Today, was Career Dress-up Day.  I have to admit, we did not put as much effort into this one as we did for last week.  He wanted to be an astronaut and we have an astronaut costume so we didn't make much of a plan.  I had this niggling sense that the costume was possibly to small and this morning we discovered that to be very true.  So, we went with NASA scientist instead.  We dug through our closet for "scientist" things and here is what we came up with:

Safety goggles, solar system shirt, and a name badge on a lanyard. I quickly made up a "NASA ID" complete with the NASA logo, his picture, name, etc...  Frankly, most scientists I know dress something like this, although possibly not to work at NASA.  He was satisfied and uninterested in bringing along other accessories like planets, lab gloves, or test tubes, which we obviously had on hand as well. (I also suggested our toy lab mouse, but he informed me he wasn't interested in "that kind" of science, sorry Brent). 

My 5 minute name badge efforts:

M took the closet diving opportunity to pull together the beginnings of a lady bug girl costume.  By the time we left she found her boots and umbrella too (and did get her hair brushed Mom, I can feel you wondering...)

The kids discovered all sorts of lost treasurers in our closet dive so perhaps we'll have more fun with our actual toys in coming days. 
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Audra said...

Love the name badge. Also,NASA scientist is a more realistic goal since we don't send people to space anymore, sad face.


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