Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1.  B finally got to try archery this week! He and Brent both tried it out for the first time at the Trosper's Saturday shoot and had a great time.  It is only $5 and each person is lent a bow, quiver, and six arrows.  You can stay as long as you want.  The experts wander around and give tips as well as some safety and structure to the whole deal.  They shot at 10m and have to get, I think, a certain number of arrows in the Red/Yellow section to move back to the next distance.  They had a wonderful time and are going back next weekend! (Amazingly, I've already scrapbooked this and will share soon).

2.  Friday was the Kindie 500 at B's school.  This, crazily, involves all the Kindergartners finishing up the "transportation" unit by bringing some wheeled conveyance and a helmet from home.  They all rode around a circuit, which I'm told also included areas for running, walking, and resting.  B had a great time and was definitely tired that evening! (Yes, already "in the book." Hooray!)

 3.  E desperately wants to play with LEGO blocks and tried to sneak into Daddy's stash while he was away at archery.  He also managed to get some Skylanders and wii motes in the big boys' absence.  He times his mischief well and is going to fit right in here.
4.  The OKC Memorial Marathon was on Sunday.  I completed the 5k with Tracie, Jessie, and 4,998 of our closest friends (Not to mention the 20K other people racing the other races). I wore red socks in support of Boston and completed the Another Mother Runner Virtual 5k too (which is that extra bib I'm holding). Here is an excellent, emotional story about the run this year. A big thanks to Able and Kari for being our chauffeurs throughout the morning, to Tracie, Jessie, Heather, and my other running buddies for all the encouragement and to Brent for his amazing support and patience. It was an emotionally loaded race, but a beautiful day and a nice run. (Technically, my fastest time in a race, but as it wasn't timed and I've run faster in training not sure it counts as a PR). 

5. This guy isn't getting to play much outside as he will not stop eating large handfuls of dirt or plants.  I'm trying to be patient, but as I'm usually watching 2-4 other kids he has to watch through the door more than either of us would like.  We had a minor scare yesterday when I caught him with something odd and purple in his mouth.  After being sure he was poisoned, I tasted the stuff....yeah, it was a skittle.  Which probably explains why he was so annoyed that I took it away. Just imagine one's first taste of straight sugar.  Meanwhile, he also has a baby boy cold and a mullet.  Not much we can do about the first, but maybe Grandma will help us cut his hair soon. 
6.  Today, was the monthly "Day in the Life" so the remainder of the photos are random images from today.  In the above, E is welcoming Daddy home from work.  Brent, meanwhile, is so ready for the semester to be over, but not ready for IRSP so... ummm, I guess it is good there are a few more weeks to go!

7.  M is super loving.  E is less sure.  He actually doesn't mind, but does want to be on his way so started protesting moments after this shot. 

8.  This morning, I went to Hobby Lobby to buy Scrapbooking Adhesive in advance of this weekend's girl fun. In theory, it is cheaper as there is the 40% off coupon, but M and i alway sneed a few more things.  In happy news, she has used all of the things we got her already.  Many of which went into this interesting "painting." We have agreed to frame it for her room when it is dry. That blue you see is actually glitter glue and beautiful, but very wet. (In the background you can see that the LEGO Dinosaur creation is still up, M is bringing me flowers from our gardens and others, and she's also a fan of the American Girl Doll magazine, of course). 

9.  This Darth Vader thing Granddaddy gave B once held candy.  Now, it just keeps repeating the same phrases whenever he moves it around.  In case you were wondering, "The force is strong in this one." 

10.   We mostly have five kids these days as it appears that the neighbor kids are mostly moving in during non-school/daylight hours.  Usually, this works fine and they are lovely, but so much tattling and controversy today!  They also managed to each get something stuck in our gutters, which is a first. Uncle Able still has our big ladder so I'm not sure how we're going to fix that.  Here's hoping everyone is getting along a bit better tomorrow. (Or that we "just" have three kids for the afternoon.)

Have a wonderful week!

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